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The Best Way to Arrange a Girls’ Trip Abroad 

Wednesday 16th Mar 2022 |

Cyndi Lauper wasn’t wholly wrong when she sang that ‘girls just wanna have fun’; it certainly seems true that girls at least have more fun than boys, if the cultural monument that is the ‘girls’ night out’ has anything to say about the matter.

Girls’ holidays are no different, being a chance for friends to get together, celebrate each other and experience a new place together. Whatever the reason for your trip, how should you go about planning one? 

Gather Your Friends 

First and foremost, you should get all of the friends coming on the trip together in a group chat. Having everyone together in one place can make planning the specifics of the trip much easier, and also provide a dedicated space for everyone to get excited about the holiday.  

In terms of group planning, deciding on the dates for your travel are perhaps the most important to nail down. If you are planning your girl’s trip for a special event like a birthday, you’ll want to ensure the dates don’t clash with other birthday-related plans – so the birthday girl can enjoy her special day surrounded by gifts and cards, without the stress of travelling or being away from family. 

Set a Budget 

It can be quite easy for holiday planning to balloon, especially when more than one person is putting in suggestions for accommodation and activities. Setting a budget is a key part of the planning process – not just to give structure to your planning, but also to make sure that everyone can afford the trip. Some members of your group might be a little more hard-up than others, and a budget can everyone more comfortable with the outlay. 

As well as setting a firm budget, you could also set up a central holiday pot for everyone to pitch in to. This way, tickets and accommodation are all bought in bulk, and group drinks or dinner purchases during the trip are made far simpler. 


Planning a trip is a stressful activity, with lots of considerations and moving parts. Spread the load, and give each of the girls a different task to manage. For example, one of you could be in charge of the group kitty, while another could be in charge of finding cheap flights. One of you could be the resident nightlife expert, drawing up some potential plans for the evenings, and another could be in charge of the morning-after plans. Not only will the holiday be easier to pull together, but you can be sure that every part of the holiday will be sorted. 

Plan Some Activities 

All that remains is to decide on what you’d actually like to do during your girl’s trip! Of course, you all might just be looking forward to lounging by the villa pool, but having the option to head out and catch something special is always a good call. Tourism websites for your chosen destination can help you find some sites of interest, while online review sites like TripAdvisor can point you towards some fun venues or attractions. 

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