The Best Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers 

Monday 13th Dec 2021 |

 Roughly 75% of adults drink wine. So odds are if you are at a loss of what to get someone for a gift, a wine gift will make them happy! 

Wine gifts are even more of a hit if you know they are wine lover. You really can’t go wrong. Here are some of the best gift ideas for wine lovers! 

Wine Glass Cover 

Have you ever been sitting outside drinking wine and have a fruit fly or other bugs get in your glass? You have to stick your finger in your glass and get it out! Ew! A wine glass cover can prevent this from happening. 

Wine Openers 

There are so many different types of wine openers. Based on who you are getting the gift for, you can choose to get a wing corkscrew, air pressure pump, or an electric wine opener. You can also check out these products for even more sophisticated wine openers for the wine lover in your life. 

Wine Wind Chimes 

A more unique idea for wine lovers is not something you’d use while drinking. Instead, wine wind chimes could be a gift to help a wine lover spruce up their home with a little bit of something they love! They could go on a patio, a backyard, or on a balcony for apartment dwellers. 

Wine Cork Holder 

You can’t go wrong with a wine cork holders one of your wine gift ideas! These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some may be in the shape of a box and still in a cabinet, while others could hang up and be in the shape of the state they live in or a word that means something to them. 

Wine Holder for the Shower 

Alright, who doesn’t drink wine in the shower every once in a while? A wine holder to put in the shower is one of the best gifts for wine lovers! Instead of having to reach for their wine outside the shower or worrying about it falling off the side of the tub, it can now be secured right next to the wine lover in the shower!  There are some holders that even come with speakers! It’s time for a wine dance party in the shower! 

Wine Bottle Cover 

While this may not be the first gift idea you would think of, a wine bottle cover is perfect for when a bottle of wine is sitting on the counter, either full or with some already drank out of it.  A wine bottle cover could be chic, or it could be used for decoration, like a Christmas sweater. These wine bottle covers could also be used when going to a wine party or a gathering at someone’s house. It adds a bit of a pop to the gifted wine. 

Bamboo Cheese Board 

Taking a turn from the “wine” inspired gifts, a bamboo cheese board is the perfect gift to give to a wine lover. Who doesn’t love wine with cheese? And having a beautiful cheese board makes it even better. 

Wine Beads 

Have you ever had guests at your house and wanted to open a bottle of white wine only to realize that the bottle is warm? There’s nothing worse than that. Freezing wine beads to put in your wine is a great gift idea because it won’t water it down like ice does. 

Wine Charms 

It can be difficult to keep track of whose wine is whose at a dinner party or even just a small gathering. With wine charms, that’s not a problem! You can finders wine gift ideas all over and in some many different forms! Choose wine-themed charms, career-themed charms, or just colored pom-pom charms.  You can base the type of wine charms on who you are getting the wine charms for. 

Wine Subscription 

It can be time-consuming and annoying to have to go to the store when you decide you want a glass of wine on a week night. You may have heard your friend say they wish they had more wine lying around their house. 

If that’s the case, gifting a wine subscription is the way to go! You could choose the number of bottles to gift and how often to have it sent to their home. You could also choose if you gift red or white wine, or maybe even a few bottles of rosé! 

You can then cancel after a certain amount of time or hand the subscription over to them to run with their own money. 

Wine Rack 

If you have a little more money in your pocket forgets for wine lovers, a wine rack is a great idea. If the person stores their wine in a cupboard or somewhere else hidden, it may be time for them to spruce up their living space a bit more with a wine rack! Depending on the style of their home, you could get a gift card for one or match it to their current furniture. Choose from wood, metal, or glass, and so many different styles! 

Choose From This List of Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers 

Buying gifts for others can be a difficult task, but if you know you are dealing with a wine lover, these gift ideas for wine lovers will have them telling everyone that you are the best gift giver around! 

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