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Sustainable Fashion; Styling Tips for Planet Conscious Clothes

Tuesday 01st Mar 2022 |

Fashion can be detrimental to the environment. Considering that fashion senses constantly change, there are many items that are constantly being produced and even thrown away.

An increasing amount of people are becoming more aware of the consequences this has on the planet, which is why so many individuals have taken responsibility to start making changes to their own fashion choices.

This article will advise you on how to choose clothes that do not harm the environment, as well as changes you can make to become more sustainable when it comes to fashion. 

Sustainable Fashion – Shop Locally

One of the first things you can start to think about if you want your personal fashion to be more eco-friendly is to consider shopping locally. People do not always consider the amount of work and transportation that occurs behind the scenes to bring you the clothes that you want. Evidently, this can have a major impact on the environment. This has become worse in the last decade, considering that individuals can easily buy clothes online from another country, and it will quickly get to them. This type of approach can harm the environment, therefore you should attempt to buy your clothes from a local store that you know has manufactured the items locally as well. 

Sustainable Fashion – Quality Over Quantity

Who says you need to have a closet full of clothes? You should always think about the quality of the clothes that you buy rather than how many things you have. It can be difficult for the majority of people to buy expensive clothes, but if you think about it, the cheaper a piece of clothing is, the less it will last. This can result in you buying different items and the cost will add up. You are better off saving up some money to invest in good quality clothes, having to buy different items more frequently, which is harmful to the planet. 

sustainable fashionSustainable Fashion – Consider The Type of Material 

The type of material of your clothes is an essential factor if you are looking to protect the environment. There are many materials that are harmful, including polyester and conventional cotton. You should go for items made of bamboo and sustainable cotton. It may not be easy to change your wardrobe completely, but you can start small by investing in bamboo boxers or socks. Have this in mind whenever you go shopping and if you focus on the type of material, soon enough you will only be wearing sustainable pieces of clothing that are good for the planet. 

Sustainable Fashion – Buy Only What You Need 

As mentioned above, you do not need to have several items of clothing. The majority of people go shopping and get new items without really needing them. This ends up being harmful to the environment and to your wallet! Be honest with yourself – how many clothes do you have in your closet and drawers that you wore once or maybe never? Buying things without actually having a need for them is one of the major issues that lead to overproduction and manufacturing of these items, and the processes involved have a negative impact on the environment. 

Sustainable Fashion – Look After Your Clothes

You need to learn after your clothes so that they last longer. If they last long, you are less likely to require new items, and this leads to less waste. Every piece of clothing will have care instructions on the label so that you know exactly what you need to do to keep your item looking brand new. Doing this carefully will ensure that your clothes always look good on you whilst you help the environment, so it is a win-win! 

Sustainable Fashion – Recycle Clothes

Recycling is crucial for the environment – this essentially means disposing of any items that no longer serve you a purpose appropriately so that it has less impact on the environment. People think about this when it comes to plastic and paper, but they forget to take the same approach with their clothes. If there are clothes that you no longer wear, then recycle them. As mentioned previously, you may want to renew your wardrobe as you get clothing made of sustainable fabrics, so you will need to recycle your old items. There are appropriate bins around that you can use – just search for them in your local area. On the other hand, there are always people in need looking for the items that you are trying to get rid of. Just because it no longer suits you, it does not mean that it will not benefit someone else. 

It is great if you are considering your impact on the environment and want to change your fashion choices so that they are more eco-friendly. The information discussed on this page should provide you with an idea of how to choose your clothes that do not change the environment.

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