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Skinny Fit Vs. Slim Fit: What Is The Difference?

Skinny fit

When you need to purchase new clothing you must decide what type of fabric you like and what color you want. You will also need to figure out the fit that looks best on you, which can be quite complicated at times.

From moleskin trousers to jeans and shirts, there are many clothing types out there that can be tailored to achieve your preferred fit – whether that is skinny or slim.

If you want to know the difference between skinny and slim-fit clothing, this article is for you.

What Is Skinny Fit?

The majority of skin-tight or sculpting garments garnered initial popularity due to the unique fashion crazes of the 1980s. This decade saw the initial development of the initial true stretch fabrics that went on to make skinny fit clothing possible!

Skinny fit clothing typically tends to restrict movement. It describes a narrow and very close-fitting style that is typically available for a suit, jeans, or a shirt. You may discover differences in overall fit depending on the type of clothing or the brand that you choose. However, the term “skinny” will always refer to tight form-fitting garments.

In some clothing such as jeans, the skinny fit tends to include various elastic fibers within the material which ensures a comfortable stretch fit for your body. The elastic is essential. Without this feature, you won’t have as much freedom to move as the fabric will be too stiff. 

What Is slim-fit?

Slim-fit clothing has gone in and out of fashion several times over the past few decades for all fashion lovers. That being said, slim-fit garments will create a very sharp silhouette compared to that of a regular-fitting garment.

Clothing designed in the slim-fit style will fit sleekly around your body, which will ensure a much more flattering outline as it doesn’t cling to your skin. For instance, all types of slim-fit dress pants come with narrow-looking tapered legs for your comfort. 

Despite this, they offer more fabric between the legs thanks to wider leg holes. This means that this cut won’t cling to your thighs and hips which can make you feel far more comfortable with your outfit.

This is an excellent feature if you are planning to wear slim-fit clothing for long periods.

What Is The Difference?

The significant difference between these two cuts of clothing is that the former hugs the body tighter than any type of slim-fit clothing would. slim-fit clothing, on the other hand, gives the illusion of a sharp-looking silhouette yet it is not snug against all contours of the body. This is why many people opt for slim-fit over skinny fit.

It’s important to note that each clothing type has its differences in terms of both cuts. A pair of slim-fit jeans means something entirely different from a slim-fit shirt!


Skinny fit clothing is seen as the tightest in the fashion world as it showcases your outline in whichever garment you are wearing. This particular fit contains lower amounts of fabric than a slim-fit cut would, although slim-fit does also provide a close fit style.


It may be expected for all skinny-fit clothing items to feel quite tight while you are wearing them. The leg and armholes of skinny-fit clothing might feel like they are constraining your limbs.

On the other hand, slim-fit clothing will generally rest against the shape of your body without feeling like the circulation is being cut off or pinching. More space around your legs and arms thanks to the style of this cut ensures that you’ll be able to move without feeling as if you are being restricted.


Strangely enough, there isn’t a massive difference in the measurements of both styles. Notably, some jean styles only show a small percentage of disparity in the leg size of both cuts.

The overall key is working out that such a small percentage of fabric can make a huge difference in the level of the snugness of the fabric against your skin! So keep this in mind the next time you are in the market for some new clothing in either style.


In the skinny fit vs slim-fit debate, there is no clear winner. Both have their own set of pros and cons that make their differing styles highly unique. While skinny fit clothing clings to your every curve, slim-fit clothing offers a similar look but with more freedom.

While you may have to pay extra to have your clothing fitted to your body, it’ll all be worth it for the result!

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