Wedding Rules

Rewriting The Wedding Rules In 2022 

Thursday 24th Feb 2022 |

2022 looks like a good year for love, with experts anticipating at least 350,000 weddings across the UK.  While there may be many celebrations taking place, one thing’s for sure: each wedding is likely to be as unique as the people taking their vows. 

After a few years of disruption, many couples have had the opportunity to rethink how they would like their big day to be; for many, the break has given them the freedom to try something a little different.  While plenty of traditional aspects remain – such as bridal make up artists and hairstylists working their magic in hotel suites and homes around the country – for many couples, ideas about the location, format and style of the day have moved on. 

Rewriting The Wedding Rules  – Beautiful Cities 

In January this year, over one third of adults were still working from home, and many have not taken a holiday for around two years.  This may explain why so many couples are dreaming of a vibrant city for their destination wedding.  Packed with interesting attractions and historical features, not to mention outstanding food options and buzzing dancefloors, the UK is spoilt for choice with chic city wedding venues to suit every taste.  Often popular for their multitude of accommodation options, ease of public transport and striking architecture, cities are luring many brides and grooms away from the countryside. 

Rewriting The Wedding Rules  – Going green 

A recent survey found that 86% of British adults are concerned about the protection of the environment, which may explain the trend towards greener, more eco-friendly weddings.  From rented wedding dresses and morning suits to recyclable confetti and sustainable table decorations, there are a number of ways to plan a more environmentally conscious wedding.  You can also factor this into your choice of wedding menu; many venues will offer local, seasonal produce and sustainably sourced ingredients, as well as taking pride in serving up delicious vegan or vegetarian food. 

Rewriting The Wedding Rules  – Soft touch 

As nearly a third of British adults are currently not drinking alcohol, many 2022 weddings are likely to feature a more creative approach to soft drinks.  Whether it’s carefully curated mocktails or juices made from locally sourced fruits, couples are likely to be thinking more broadly than just the standard wine list for their big day.  You might like to work with a mixologist to create a bespoke mocktail that is personal to you as a couple or even have a mocktail station for people to blend their own drinks according to taste. 

Of course, at their heart, weddings are about two people and two families joining together.  For many, the lesson of the last few years is that the most important thing is being with those you love.  Whether you enjoy barbecues, ceilidh bands, children’s magicians, mixology classes or Michelin dining, weddings this year are likely to throw formalities and fixed traditions out of the window and focus instead on the joy of being together.  There can’t be many better ways to start married life.