Reasons Why You Might Want to Use Organic Makeup

Friday 22nd Apr 2022 |

We have all heard about how makeup companies test their products on animals and humans alike, and the results are often quite scary.

The problem is that this industry is still largely unregulated and consumers don’t know the complete reality behind the products they are buying.

The limited research we have is done by the cosmetic manufacturers themselves and the findings are often tainted to get their products approved while also maintaining profitability. A solid workaround is to use organic makeup. If the ingredients are 100% organic, you can be sure that you are getting a much higher quality product.


The products that we use have a huge impact on our environment, and not just in a physical sense in terms of pollution and global warming. As was the case with blood diamonds, a lot of the ingredients used to make cosmetics are extracted inhumanely or they put the lives of people at risk just for the profit of cosmetics manufacturers. Organic cosmetics are not only good for you but they are great for the entire supply chain that is used to bring these products to life. This way you are supporting businesses that use ethical business practices to produce their products and you are playing your part in fighting against incorrect industry norms.


Just as the cosmetic companies don’t pay much attention to how the ingredients are sourced, they are not too concerned with how the products react on the end-user as long as the desired results are quick and visible. In the long run, you don’t know how these products could be affecting your body. The team at Puratium states that everyone should be even more careful with products such as eyeshadows, as they are directly applied to very sensitive areas of the body. They can get in contact with your eyes and even the skin on your eyelids is extremely sensitive, so best be sure of the quality of the products you expose yourself to. Just because you don’t feel any burning or itching doesn’t mean these products can’t be causing long-term damage; always do your research before purchasing anything cosmetic.


Using organic cosmetics can actually help your health rather than harm it. Since these ingredients are derived from natural sources like flowers, fruits, and vegetables, they have plenty of micronutrients that can really help your skin and body. Rather than using an artificial moisturizer, you can use fats that are derived from real plants. The way these natural ingredients will work with your body will be completely different from how artificial ingredients will work. Plus you get the natural benefits of using things like natural colors, fats, and scents.

With organic cosmetics, you get a lot more benefits than artificial cosmetics. These are safer, healthier and often look much better than their artificial counterparts. When you extract color from a natural plant or flower, it will have its original color and that can’t be matched by any kind of artificial ingredient. In high-quality organic cosmetics, you will even get natural fragrances; for instance, lipstick that is made of real rose extracts will actually have the scent of the flower. Similarly, you can get the flavor of the actual fruit that a product is made from. Using organic cosmetics is better for you and the planet.

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