PV Combiner Boxes And Their Importance 

Thursday 07th Jul 2022 |

In today’s economy, solar photovoltaics has emerged as one of the most attractive new industries. Semiconductor electronic devices absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into electricity. Solar radiation is used directly to generate electricity through photovoltaics.

Today, photovoltaic power is one of the main sources of solar energy. A photovoltaic system does not consume fuel, releases no gasses, and is environmentally friendly.   

This setup requires a pv combiner box to help you keep the electric connections safe and sound. In this article, we will have a closer look at the uses of combiner boxes, how to choose the correct combiner boxes and how important these are in solar energy generation. 

Uses of PV Combiner Boxes 

Solar photovoltaic cells can be connected in series to form a photovoltaic series, and then more photovoltaics can be connected collectively. As soon as they are combined in the intelligent photovoltaic combiner box, the serial-parallel connection connects to the DC breaker. Connecting this to the photovoltaic inverter, a system can be created where photovoltaic power can be generated and the grid connection.  

Besides the DC special lightning protection module, a DC fuse, and a circuit breaker, the intelligent photovoltaic combiner box can be configured with a working status indicator and a lightning counter. The system becomes more reliable and practical as a result.  

Adding a DC confluence device between PV modules and inverters is necessary for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. As a result of the PV array lightning protection combiner box, many PV modules of the same specification can be connected in series according to the DC voltage input by the inverter, and connect more in series to the module. Connecting the rear inverter is made easy by the outputs of the lightning arrester and circuit breaker. 

How To Select PV Combiner Boxes 

To select the right PV combiner box, you need to know these details. 

Maximum open-circuit voltage (Voc) 

In order to calculate the power output of your solar system, you need to determine whether your solar system has a maximum open-circuit voltage (Voc). 1000V DC is by far the most common voltage. We are also moving towards 1500V DC. System design will determine the voltage. 

Maximum short-circuit current per string. Various countries have different short-circuit multipliers; in some, it is 1.25, in others, it is 1.5, etc. Higher Voc is suitable for a butterfly check valve manufacturer or similar manufacturers. 

Input and Output 

PV Combiner Boxes are input devices and MPPTs are output devices. Solar strings are input into the PV Combiner Boxes and MPPTs are output devices. You can determine the number of MPPTs from your system’s inverter. The configuration of your combiner boxes will be based on this confirmation. 

Fuse holder Polarity 

You should learn whether you wish to have positive and negative polarities on the fuse holder. It is a good idea to have fuse holders on both positive and negative polarity from a protection perspective since it will offer greater protection to the combiner box on the ingress side. In any case, it is fine if the fuse holder only has positive polarity in order to satisfy local standards. 

String Termination 

Cable glands are standard on all combination boxes. For easy string cable installation, special connectors are also available. You should make sure your combiner box is customizable. If you prefer cable glands, you can always go back to using them. 

Monitoring features 

PV combiner boxes are able to monitor both voltage and string current using special modules. While selecting combiner boxes, look for features that will help you with monitoring your solar PV system. 

Using A PV Combination Box Can Reduce Your Expenses By 25% 

A properly designed combiner box or DC disconnect switch can save you up to 25%. According to typical practice, you should size electrical equipment for 1.56x the short circuit current. You only need size solar equipment like combiner boxes for 1.25x when it comes to certain solar equipment like the one you use for a floatable jet ski dock. 

Combiner boxes typically have disconnect switches rated for continuous duty. When combined, this usually allows you to use a smaller disconnect switch, resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings. The same is true for continuous fused DC disconnect switches. You should still size your wiring and upstream OCPD for 1.56x even if your continuous duty combiner box is 1.25x. 


In addition to being pollution-free, safe, long-lasting, simple to maintain, inexhaustible, and widely available, solar photovoltaic cells also have the benefit of being safe and efficient. A major new source of energy, it is here to stay. There is widespread use of this technology in areas such as communication, energy, agriculture, office facilities, and transportation. This calls for robust connectors to ensure proper operations and the safety of its users. 

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