Preventing Drain Clogs at Home – A Guide

Wednesday 09th Mar 2022 |

Drain clogs are very inconvenient and embarrassing at times, especially when you are in a hurry or you have guests over. Unclogging drains at home is very hectic and takes too much energy and effort to make it like ever before.

You would never wish to call a plumber while there is a party going on in your house, or you would never be willing to waste your holidays removing debris from your clogged pipe.  

The best way to deal with these unwanted problems is by taking preventive measures to avoid drain blockage. It’s better to keep your drains unclogged beforehand than to let your pipes go jamming anytime. Your home is your concern and a proper drainage system is a major responsibility to keep a home better. Some of the things you can start doing now to avoid unwanted debris getting jammed in your drainage pipe are listed here.  

  • Install a Lint Trap in Your Washing Machine Hose 

Many times it happens that small fabrics, socks, lint, or tissues get stuck in your washing machine hose and clog the drain. You can avoid such problems by installing a lint trap to let the water pass through, you can probably buy it from a store or by using a nylon stretchable stocking. Make sure the lint trap is placed properly, and you replace it when it is full. A material will suck the unwanted stuff and will not clog the pipe, instead will allow smoother flow.   

  • Bacteria Will Help 

Your drain gets clogged due to grease, hair, left-out food, or any organic material. Get bacteria to do some work, it will break down the waste into simpler substances and will decay it, acting as a drain unblocker. They will simply remove the waste and will prevent it from clogging. You can bring these drain cleaning bacteria from anywhere in liquid or granular form.  

The bacteria will also not harm your pipes because the cleaner you are using is noncorrosive, and it would not blend with bacteria in your septic tank as well.  

  • Don’t Let Grease Settle There 

The worst possible thing that can clog your drain to a great extent is grease. When it goes down your drain and cools down in the process, it starts to settle there taking the form of a clog. This accumulates over time and adds to other things rolling down through the drain. The best way out is to not let grease flow down the drain, collect it prior, and dump it as trash. Keep a container handy to remove the grease beforehand and not let it pour into the drain.  


Drains get clogged with dry or wet waste and go on holding waste until it becomes jammed. This is a stage that requires all your effort to fix it. While this might sound not so troublesome, it might irritate you to a different level, so why not take some steps before to avoid facing drainage problems at a later stage.  

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