Popular Christmas Flower Trends

Wednesday 01st Dec 2021 |

There are certain flowers commonly associated with Christmas: poinsettia, amaryllis, begonia, red roses, red hypericum, guzmania, azaleas, as well as pine cones and firs.

Flower experts at Direct2Florist used Pinterest trends data to reveal which Christmas flowers have seen the biggest increase in interest from the start of the year now. These are the Christmas flowers we’ve been adding to the most boards:

*Based on available Pinterest trends data – some flower keywords have yet to be added to the database

We spoke to Wendy Rea, Business Manager at Direct2Florist, who discusses the trending Christmas flowers and offers her tips on creating a DIY Christmas floral centrepiece this season.

Poinsettia – 985% Pinterest board increase

“It’s not a surprise to see poinsettia trending so much, but the enormous 985% interest in Pinterest interest shows just how popular this red petalled plant is at Christmas. Apart from the vibrant colours and star-shape, one of the reasons poinsettia feels so festive is that it pairs beautifully with gold and green, so it’s very easy to work them into any theme. An indispensable part of the season.”

Amaryllis – 326% Pinterest board increase

“Amaryllis have immense red and white blooms, which means they pair very naturally in traditional Christmas colour schemes. They make for an easy way to bring a splash of colour to the home, and because they bloom throughout December they can make for excellent Christmas gifts too. We’re likely seeing interest grow as a counter to classic poinsettia flowers, for people looking for something similar but a bit different.”

Begonia – 95% Pinterest board increase

“Begonia hails from warmer climates, so you might not think it would make a good fit in the cold British winter. As with other trending flowers here, the plant has rich colours – greens, reds, metallic pinks – which go nicely alongside classic Christmas decorations.”

Red roses – 17% Pinterest board increase

Roses are popular all year round, which might explain why they haven’t seen the increase in interest that other flowers have. Red roses aren’t just for Valentines or romantic occasions though – the rich, soft leaves suggest luxury, opulence and warmth – everything a home needs at Christmas.”

Red Hypericum – 10% Pinterest board increase

“It’s easy to see why red hypericum is a popular Christmas flower – the small little red buds look like they fell straight out of a Christmas card. A delicate and long lasting plant and one we’re surprised to see isn’t higher on the trending list.”

How to Create a DIY Christmas Centrepiece

“You’ll need a few things to get started – flower strippers and floral scissors, or at the very least sharp scissors, which are always useful when working with flowers. You’ll need some sort of base too – you can get foam bases from your local florist. I’d recommend a Posy pad however for a DIY centrepiece. Soak it in water before you start.”

“Church candles are widely available and look stylish and seasonal when grouped together in the centre of a base. Push cocktail sticks into the candle and then the base to keep them safe and secure – remember to never leave a lit candle unattended.

“Complete the design by inserting different types of foliage such as ivy, holly, pine and eucalyptus making sure to add sprigs that come down to the table surface. These should make up the base of your centre-piece, creating shape. Then wire pine cones and baubles into the foam after that. Choose high end individual flowers such as large headed roses to make a statement – red roses remain a popular Christmas flower trend. Start by adding flowers to either side, in a balanced way so that you’ve got symmetry and then go from there.”

Yuletide Glow

“You can also add oranges, apples and limes – use cocktail sticks again to secure them to the foam.”

“It’s wise to keep your centrepiece on a matt too, just in case there’s any excess water from the flowers.”

How to Add Flowers to a Christmas Tree

“You might be wondering if you can add flowers to your Christmas tree. Fresh flowers unfortunately won’t be very practical unless you add water tubes, but you can add sprigs of gypsophila to your tree branches to give a sense of snow to the tree. The white gypsophila will discolour slightly as it dries however – so try spraying with gold or silver spray to preserve it.”

“If you’ve got a bigger budget this Christmas, you can add large headed quality roses such as Red Naomi or Red Explorer to your tree branches. These won’t last very long, but will look spectacular whilst they’re up – maybe add a day or two before Christmas day?”

“Dried Hydrangea also looks very tasteful on a Christmas tree – create cascading swirls around the branches.”

Did you know that flowers don’t just need to go in a vase at Christmas? You can attach an abundance of beautiful blooms to your tree for that truly authentic festive look.

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