Planning a Luxury Staycation After COVID-19

Wednesday 11th Aug 2021 |

After a year of lockdowns and stay at home orders, the COVID-19 vaccine is finally starting to make waves in helping us get back to normal.

And while there’s still a long way to go before the world is back to something resembling pre-pandemic times and some things have likely changed for good, the good news for everyone is that, this summer, we’re probably not going to be feeling quite as trapped at home as we were last year.

It’s time to take a sunny staycation, get out of the house and start exploring again. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like to travel after over a year of COVID-19, here are some tips for Planning a Luxury Staycation.

Planning a Luxury Staycation – Get Beach Ready 

Staycations at the beach are the perfect way to spend a few days this summer. Whether you’re heading to a resort to feel like you’re traveling abroad or just want to spend some time at a local beach close to your area, we all deserve to treat ourselves this year with some gorgeous beachwear that will make us feel amazing. And you really can’t go wrong with Gucci sandals for your staycation; the collection of sandals and Gucci slides will work whether you’re lying in the sun or heading out to a beach bar to enjoy a cocktail in the evening. With their distinctive branding, Gucci slides and sandals are the perfect footwear choice.  

Planning a Luxury Staycation – Sun Protection 

After spending so much time at home last summer, it’s not surprising if your sunscreen has expired. After a year of lockdowns, making sure that your skin is protected for getting back out and spending more time in the sun is more important than ever. Along with getting a good sunscreen, high SPF face cream and drinking plenty of water of course, you might want to consider getting some clothes that will protect you from the sun. Linen and cotton are perfect for hot days and will cover you up without the risk of overheating.  

Planning a Luxury Staycation

Planning a Luxury Staycation – Consider COVID-19 Measures 

Although it’s no longer necessary for you to wear a face covering if you have had two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, this is optional and you are able to continue wearing a mask in public places if you feel safer doing so for any reason. Wherever you are planning on heading to for your post-COVID-19 summer staycation, it’s worth thinking about the COVID-19 measures in the area and taking supplies like a face covering and hand sanitizer for your bag.

Invest in a good hand sanitizer or a sanitizing body spray that won’t irritate your hands and smells great too.  

After a year of feeling like the world has come to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the end is in sight for many of us with the vaccine hugely successful and safety measures beginning to lift around the world as we re-adjust to everyday life. After the past year, you definitely deserve to indulge yourself in a summer staycation to remember.
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