Packing For Outdoor Adventures: 7 Essentials You Need

Sunday 20th Mar 2022 |

Outdoor activities are according to recent research one of the best ways to relax the mind and body. The natural surroundings, the fresh air, and mild physical activity are proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and other diseases of the modern age.

People feel calm in natural surroundings as the environment is affecting their mental health and has a similar effect to meditation.

However, nature can be cruel and unpredictable, therefore it is of the utmost importance to have some essential items to make sure you are adequately prepared for every occasion. Read in the text below about 7 things you need to pack when going on outdoor adventures. 

Packing For Outdoor Adventures – Water filters

A grown man can survive 3 days without a drop of water, depending on the amount of physical activity and the climate. Water is a key component for our survival and without it, most of us will collapse in a matter of days, therefore finding yourself in a natural environment without drinking water requires having a water filter. Water filters are designed to clean the water from swamps, puddles, rainwater collected on the leaves, and even flowing rivers as not all are safe for consumption. Most water filters are compact and easy to carry around, and the newer models are 98.9% effective in cleaning the water and making sure it is safe to drink, without pollutants or dangerous bacteria. Carry it always with you, as it can be a matter of life and death. 

Packing For Outdoor Adventures – Survival kits 

Now, most survival kits are for natural disasters and catastrophes, and the items packed are meant to save you in the case of an earthquake or hurricane. However, these items are also great for outdoor activities as some are blankets to keep you warm at night if you happen to stay outdoors and cannot light a fire, energy bars full of essential nutrients, and a medical kit in case you need intervention immediately and there are no hospitals. If you are planning a little trip to the mountains or forest, buy a survival kit as it can save your life or the life of your friend/friends, and it can make all the difference in the world. Newer survival kits have para cords, needles and sewing equipment, gloves, water pouches, hooks, satellite radio, and a lot more depending on the particular survival kit. You should choose them according to the location, for the mountains go with the ones offering heat blankets, food, lighter and sewing kits, and maybe for tropical regions the smart choice would be a survival kit offering medicine, hooks, radio, water purifying tablets, and power cords. 

Packing For Outdoor Adventures – Lighter 

This goes without saying, a lighter or anything which might help you start a fire is something you should carry around at all times. Lighters are not only meant to start a fire and keep you warm at night, they can be great for sending smoke signals in case you get lost in the woods, rescue teams can easily locate you due to the rising smoke. Also, newer lighters (some of them) are waterproof making it possible to swim with a lighter in your pocket, and it still functions as it is supposed to, due to the plastic cover. 

Packing For Outdoor Adventures – Compass and needle 

Having a compass and needle can help you orient yourself no matter where you are or where you find yourself. An old sailor’s trick is using a needle and placing it in a little puddle or glass of water, before that you have to electrify it, and it will show you the North and South pole due to the Earth’s magnetic field. This can come in handy when you are in a thick forest and cannot see the sun properly. A preferable choice is to have a compass with you at all times, but if you can’t find a place to keep it, a needle is tiny enough to fit into any backpack.

Packing For Outdoor Adventures – A thermos or vacuum flask 

Thermoses are especially useful when visiting cold regions, as they can prevent the water you have from freezing in low temperatures. They can also be used for heat to keep your body warm during the night if you happen to sleep in the open. A little survival trick: we are often drawn to melt the snow when in need of water believing it is clean, however, no matter how white the snow might seem, a smart move is to put the melted snow into a water filter to make it safe for consumption as it always contains microscopic particles and dust in it. 

Packing For Outdoor Adventures – Rope or power cord 

Another item on the list is having a rope or power cord with you, and this is not only the case with hikers. Power cords and ropes are useful whenever you find yourself outdoors, as they can serve you to build a shelter or climb a tree more safely and effectively in the case of danger. 

Packing For Outdoor Adventures – A tent or sleeping bag 

The last item on the list, but not the least important, is having a tent or sleeping bag with you. Of course, they can take up a lot of space and therefore go with one depending on the place. A tent offers extra protection in tropical regions from insects and mosquito bites, also from the heat and sun. A sleeping bag might be more useful in snowy regions, as you can always dig a shelter and make it from the snow and a sleeping bag will keep you warm during the night. 

We hope you’ll find the list and items more than useful on your next adventure. One last piece of advice: always inform someone close to you when you are planning an outdoor trip and give them your location just in case.

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