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Wednesday 01st Dec 2021 |

The winter brings with it more than its fair share of skin complaints and a good old scrub to rid ourselves or pesky dead skin can give our skin a glow and make us feel fresh and ready to face the day.

We love a good body scrub so we are rounding up our favourite products to help you get your glow on right through until spring!

Consultant Dermatologist, Mary Sommerlad at leading skincare clinic, sk:n, shares her expert insight on how to beat common winter skin woes…


“No matter how many serums and creams are applied, dry skin will stay dry without some light exfoliation. Using a gentle scrub, something with a mild glycolic or lactic acid, will help to remove any dead skin from the surface. A wet washcloth is advised for those who suffer with particularly dry skin to gently exfoliate away. Once the skin is perfectly buffed, the moisturiser is a key next step as it will penetrate and really get to work.


Our skin can appear dull and washed out over the winter months. Introducing a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week to your routine will help to remove any build-up of dead skin cells, makeup and oils, to reveal a glowing and fresh complexion, whilst also helping to minimise the appearance of pores.

However, when a simple exfoliation won’t quite cut it, a Microdermabrasion treatment is the way to go for an instant result. By disrupting any unwanted dead and dull skin cells that can cause dullness, your body will work to replace them with fresh, healthier looking complexion. Your skin will also feel softer, the epidermal layers of your skin will be rejuvenated, increase circulation in the area treated, and encourage new, healthier skin cells to be produced.


It is important to hydrate your skin from both the inside and out, especially during this time of year. The phrase ‘8 by 8’ is useful to keep track of how many glasses of water you consume before the end of the day; simply drink eight glasses of water by 8pm and you’ll have had your fill for the day.

When it comes to hydrating your skin from the outside, look for moisturisers that contain hyaluronic acid, as this ingredient helps to prevent skin from drying out.

If you’ve got flaky patches, don’t be tempted to peel, but opt for a heavier moisturiser instead. You’d change your clothes for summer and winter, so change your products, too. You don’t want the oil fighting cleansers, toners or moisturisers that you used in summer; opt for hydration-boosting products instead.”

ECO WARRIOR Exfoliating Bar (£4.50/100g, Sainsbury’s)

  • A natural, vegan, sustainable, plastic-free and biodegradable solid body scrub to gently cleanse and exfoliate for soft, smooth, supple skin.
  • Made with oatmeal, a superfood for skin and natural exfoliant, to gently buff away dead, dull skin cells and reduce excess oil. A known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oatmeal also helps to soothe skin irritation and itching
  • Fragranced with a pure citrus essential oil blend, and with naturally occurring glycerine locked inside the bar, it is super moisturising, putting a stop to all the elements that have previously given soap a bad rap.
  • Totally free from detergents, SLS, sulphates, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones and synthetic preservatives


Jane Scrivner Whipped Butter Polish  – £39/50ml

  • This Phytosterol rich, whipped butter exfoliating polish works to resurface, nourish, balance, purify, soften and smooth skin.
  • The blend of cucumber seed oil, cardamom, cinnamon & bamboo grinds, air whipped in a mango, avocado and jojoba oil butter is the most luxurious way to resurface, stimulate and polish skin for your all-in-one weekly exfoliating treatment.
    • Mango, Avocado and Jojoba Butter – To tone and firm skin. Rich in Phytosterols and Omegas to fortify skin cell walls, replenish the barrier function and balance the skin with essential fatty acids.
    • Cucumber Seed Oil – Rich in Omega 3, Linoleic Acid and Vitamin E. Replenishes and protects the Barrier Function. Improves firmness and elasticity and soothes skin.
    • Cinnamon – Rich in antioxidants to protect skin and help to clear away the appearance of scar marks, spots and blemishes. Toning and plumping.
    • Bamboo Powder – Natures silica, smoothing and polishing skin, softening wrinkles and cleansing.
    • Cardomom Essential Oil – Cleansing and purifying. Evens skin tone and conditions complexion. High levels of Vitamin C for repair and collagen support.


Green & Spring Revitalise Exfoliating Body Wash

This zingy revitalising body wash has blended with fine pieces of walnut shell to exfoliate the surface level of skin and promote healthy skin renewal. Peppermint, Spearmint and Grapefruit combine to help boost circulation bringing fresh nutrients to the skin and muscles. The healing properties of Thyme and Rosemary, help eliminate toxins, balance and soothe dry skin. This exfoliating scrub is certain to awaken the senses, and leave your skin feeling wonderful.

MONAT Exfoliate & Refine Body Polish

An invigorating, revitalising scrub featuring volcanic pumice and superfruit antioxidants that gently removes dead skin cells and smooths rough patches, revealing softer, more radiant skin. This gentle scrub buffs away dead skin cells for a smoother, softer surface. A powerful blend of REJUVENIQE S™ and naturally based active ingredients work to condition whilst deeply exfoliating to reveal radiant, brighter looking skin.

So..? Sorry Not Sorry Ready, Steady Scrub Body Buffer

Ready, Set, Go, with  SO…? Sorry Not Sorry Ready, Steady, Scrub Body Buffer. Embrace the sweet almond and light vanilla fragrance that will leave your skin feeling as soft as ever.  Infused with sweet almond and a light vanilla fragrance to give your skin a healthy glow.

ESPA Detoxifying Salt Scrub RRP: £40.00

A deeply cleansing body scrub that refines, smooths and clarifies, for intensely hydrated and replenished skin. Natural Sea Salts sweep away dry, dull skin, Grapefruit, Cypress and Eucalyptus cleanses while Sweet Almond Oil nourishes and hydrates. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, rough skin or those in need of an uplifting boost.

ESPA Exfoliating Body Polish (Jar or Tube) RRP: £36.00

A cooling and revitalising body scrub to refine, smooth and refresh skin, while helping to boost hydration. Apricot Seed Kernels gently sweep away dry, dull skin, Spearmint cools and refreshes while Aloe Vera hydrates and conditions.

VOYA Time To Shine Gentle Body Polish

A distinctly fragrant, gently exfoliating body polish infused with uplifting Ginger and notes of Sweet Orange. VOYA’s award-winning body exfoliator, buffs and polishes the skin using finely ground walnut shells blended with hand-harvested organic seaweed to encourage skin renewal. Jojoba oil enhances the skin’s elasticity and suppleness while Shea and Cocoa promote luxuriously smooth and silky skin.​

Wild Beauty from Rhug Estate Exfoliating Body Scrub with Rosemary & Rhug Honey 

A gentle body scrub with Organic Sugar to help exfoliate and smooth the skin, captured in a base of Rhug Honey and Organic Safflower Oil, known to help deeply moisturise and soften the skin. The Organic Sugar is a natural humectant – it draws moisture from the environment into your skin. It is also a natural source of glycolic acid, which helps to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover resulting in fresher, brighter looking skin. Fragranced with a soothing blend of Organic Geranium and Rosemary essential oils.

Ecooking’s Body Scrub

Ecooking’s Body Scrub is designed to maintain clear and healthy skin all over the body. Use once a week to keep dead skin cells at bay. Available in three refreshing scents to stimulate the senses. RRP £26

Key Ingredients:

  • Sicilian salt gently removes dead skin cells whilst stimulating blood circulation.
  • Natural sunflower, argan, shea butter, almond and kukui oil deliver instant nourishment for smoother, hydrated skin.
  • Vitamin E protects against free radicals and provides long-lasting hydration.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Sensica – SensismoothRRP £149

With Sensica’s ethos of loving yourself at the heart – give yourself the best skin ever! Introducing the NEW 3-in-1 Sensismooth device, which offers an exfoliating, cleansing and pedicure treatment all on one! All you have to do is alternate between the flexible unique patented snap-on pads for a superior beauty treatment in the comfort of your own home, with salon-like results.  The Sensismooth device also uses Adapt2U technology fitting to your individual skincare needs from head to toe, whilst easily adapting to your body’s unique angles and curves.

Offering three different treatment options, this device saves both money and time (things we all feel we need more of) while giving you optimum results!

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Device
  • 1 Cleanse pad kit
  • 1 Exfoliation​ pad kit
  • 1 Pedicure pad kit

Odylique – Coconut Candy Scrub £25.00

A deeply exfoliating and luxurious organic body scrub made with cane sugar that offers exceptional results and compatibility with the most challenged skin. Offering all the legendary benefits to skin of coconut oil, you will feel transported to a tropical island with the heavenly fragrance of virgin coconut and cocoa bean butters whilst cell renewal is gently stimulated, your skin is polished and left silky smooth.

Acala – Grapefruit Sea Kelp and Sea Salt Scrub Soap £4.99

This unique scrub soap is the perfect accompaniment to your morning shower, gently budding away dirt and dead skin cells to leave you fresh and ready to take on the day. Antioxidant rich sea kelp works as a skin barrier, protecting skin and locking in moisture. The addition of seaweed make this soap particularly helpful in soothing irritated skin conditions from Psoriasis and Eczema.

 ‘Exfo-Lite’  from Legology

Get the famous Legology 2-salt glow instantly with this unique CRYSTAL-LITE® COMPLEX of skin-smoothing and stimulating salts. Feeling is believing with this cult leg scrub! A super-crunchy 2-salt mix of sea salt and pink Himalayan salt buffs skin and stimulates the lymph and circulation to give legs born again newness. This exfoliator can be used on dry or wet skin.

Coconut Body Soap (Scrub) £11.45

It is known that regular exfoliating helps regenerating the skin. This body soap removes dead skin cells which improves the skin texture. This foaming peeling contains coconut flakes and cleanses the skin gently. Additionally, the peeling effect increases the blood circulation. 2 X 80G + cotton bag.

Benecos Shower Scrub £5.95 (apricot and elderflower)

Want bright glowing skin with an invigorating burst of fragrance? Our Natural Apricot and Elderflower Shower Scrub uses apricot kernels to gently remove dead skin cells while elderflower extract helps to protect the skin against free radicals, leaving behind healthy smooth skin.


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