On the Road; Safety Proofing your vehicle

Monday 15th Feb 2021 |

A smooth drive makes for a confident driver, however, it’s not just the driving skills of a motorist but also the efficiency of the vehicle itself. By implementing some simple checks you can ensure a safe trip.

Here we highlight important vehicle maintenance strategies that you should put in place in order to ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy this Spring.

Safety Proofing your vehicle – Look at the Oil

Safety Proofing your vehicle
Pouring oil to car engine, close up

It is important to keep in mind that oil level in the car should be checked on a regular basis so that you know it is fresh to be used or whether it requires a change. Oil present in the car helps lubricate engine parts to make your car more efficient while driving. In case you feel your oil is getting deteriorated and needs a change , you can quickly fill it with fresh oil in order to avoid any engine trouble later. 

Safety Proofing your vehicle – Look at the tyres

A motorist should always start by monitoring vehicle tyres because tyres are the only part that has direct contact with different road terrain and lose their flexibility and strength with time. Hence carefully looking at the tyre for any cut or bulge will help the driver get a clear idea whether to change the tyre or not.

Safety Proofing your vehicle

Further, while driving if you feel your average speed has decreased and you are driving well, that can be a sign that your tyres are losing the appropriate level of pressure in them. Before leaving for any journey it is always better to check the proper level of pressure in the tyres. Another important thing to note is whether your tyres have proper tread depth or not. Tread depth is important because it keeps the rubber of the tyre safe from getting damaged by sharp objects or bumps present on the road, hence a recommended tread depth needs to be between 2mm to 3mm. Local garages with a professional team are helpful for replacing tyres. If let’s say you are in Scotland and you are looking to get tyres in Dunfermline you can check from Fife-Autocentre. Branch fitting & mobile fitting is also available and you can choose according to your preference.

Safety Proofing your vehicle – Look at the Windshield

Safety Proofing your vehicle

It is not just about keeping the windshield clean but also cleaning it on a regular basis can keep you safe while you are driving. It is the major part of your vehicle that provides you with a road view, hence if properly cleaned and washed it will give you a clear road picture and you would not need to clean or fix it in between your pleasant road journey. You can always use an antibacterial detergent and clean tap water to wash off dirt and accumulated smut on it. 

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