Old Car vs New Car

Old Car vs New Car – Which Should I Invest In? 

Tuesday 11th Jan 2022 |

When it comes to getting a new car, you may want that evocative new car smell or you may want a status symbol that will make you the envy of your neighbours.

In these cases, you may prefer to stick with a brand new car for your next vehicle purchase – although there are car air fresheners that have a ‘new car fragrance’!

If, however, you are wanting to make the most sensible decision for your budget, then an older car might take the advantage, and by some margin. Let us take a look at why you might want to invest your car budget in a used car rather than a new one. 

Old Car vs New Car – Tried and Tested 

Cars that make it to the second-hand market tend to be sturdy vehicles with all the issues and bugs ironed out. Poor quality new cars seldom have a realistic resale value as negative reviews, call-backs and manufacturing defects are publicised. This means you are far less likely to suffer vehicular problems in the first year of owning your second-hand vehicle rather than a new one! 

Old Car vs New Car – Cheaper Insurance 

While your insurance will still be driven by your driving history, your age and the length of time you have held your licence, it will be cheaper for a second-hand car than it would be for a new one. This is because insurance prices are decided by the book value of your car’s make and model and older vehicles depreciate rapidly, giving you a lower book price and corresponding insurance policy rate. The beauty of this saving is that it will accumulate over the length of time you keep the vehicle. 

Old Car vs New Car – Investing in a Future 

Reusing older cars is kinder to the environment than manufacturing new ones. New vehicles require intensive mining efforts, the painting process alone throws thousands of toxic particles into the air, and electronics, fluids and special finishes all have their own impacts. Second-hand cars, having begun life as new cars with a correspondingly high carbon footprint, begin to amortise this environmental impact, spreading that high cost over many more years, and softening the overall effect on the planet. 

Old Car vs New Car – It’s Perfectly Safe 

The days of dodgy car dealers, selling you a clunker guaranteed to drop its bumper before you get it home are, thankfully, in the distant past. Along with MOT tests to guarantee the roadworthiness of vehicles over three years old, second-hand car dealers must adhere to industry’s best practices too. Used cars now come with full warranties and assurances, so you can choose a used car and enjoy peace of mind as well as a reduced burden on your wallet. If you feel inclined towards purchasing pre-loved cars then we recommend you to buy affordable used cars from KAP Brighton Showroom. They offer easy financial instalment plans so you don’t have to save up a huge chunk to get yourself a ride. Book your free test drive with them today! 

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