Niacinamide; The Ultimate Guide

Saturday 27th Nov 2021 |

Whilst this is not a new ingredient on the beauty scene, Niacinamide is fast becoming a staple ingredient in skincare, with consumers continuing to educate themselves on the ingredient and its properties.

Google Trends shares that searches for ‘how to use niacinamide’ have increased by 100% in the last 12 months in the UK alone – proving this ingredient is still on the rise.

Italian, digital beauty brand, SkinLabo have shared their ultimate guide to Niacinamide.

What Is it?

– Niacinamide is one part of the vitamin B3 molecule (the other being Niacin)

– This molecule is naturally occurring and can be found in foods such as fish, meat, beans and grains

What Does It Do?

– This active ingredient encourages the production of ceramides within the skin (a component of the skin’s barrier)

– Can suppress the skin’s inflammatory response, resulting in a calming of red/sore imperfections

– Blocks the transfer of melanin pigments into skin cells, helping slow down the process that results in pigmentation

– Can speed up cellular turnover and collagen production

How To Use it?

– Using a Niacinamide serum before applying your moisturiser allows for it to successfully get to work on the skin, nourishing it

– Niacinamide is an ingredient that can be applied morning and evening

– When using Niacinamide products, you can layer products to enrich the skin and see optimum results


What To Mix With it?

– Despite many rumours and arguments, Niacinamide and Vitamin C can be used together, topically

– Retinol is another ingredient that can be successfully paired

– With Niacinamide being gentle on the skin, the hydrating properties can reduce the drying effects of Retinol

– Another is Hyaluronic Acid as both are super hydrating


SkinLabo is proud to offer a Niacinamide Pure Shot serum (£13.00), that works in harmony with their Hyaluronic Active Gel Cream(£9.00) and the Retinol Contour Eye Cream (£10.00)

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