New Year Pick Me Ups!

Thursday 06th Jan 2022 |

Post-Christmas and new year celebrations, the January blues can be real. But little treats can make a big difference in brightening up an otherwise gloomy winter’s day.

That’s why we’ve pulled together the best mood boosting, pick me ups, feel GOOD products to see people through this New Year…

New Year Pick Me Ups! – Organic Series Red Wine Algae Mask – RRP £17, available from

Post festivities and celebrations, the skin can be left looking and feeling a bit lacklustre. Bring life back into the complexion with this Red Wine Algae Mask, which revitalises skin, removes toxins and soothes any irritations. A glass of wine is a popular way many of us like to unwind but come January, people will be challenging themselves to dry January. Get all the antioxidant benefits of red wine, without the sugar and alcohol!

Apply all over the face as well as over the eyes for the ultimate switch off. Peel off and reveal refreshed skin. With sustainability being a key component of the brand, packaging is certified by ECOCERT, and an airless vacuum system helps to protect the longevity of the products and limit the preservatives needed. All this with no hangover!

New Year Pick Me Ups! – Westlab Magnesium Bath Salts – RRP £5.99, available from

As a natural ‘stress-buster’, Westlab’s Magnesium Flakes help to ease symptoms of anxiety and increase the feel-good hormone of serotonin levels. With almost half (40%) of the UK population admitting they struggle to fall asleep, knuckling down a good pre-bedtime routine should be a priority in the New Year. After all, a good sleep sets the body up for a good day! Swap social media spirals before bed with a relaxing Westlab bath ritual. Replenishing the body’s magnesium which has been lost throughout the day, especially following intense exercise, which many will be getting into in January, these magnesium flakes can help to combat insomnia, reduce muscle aches and calm the body. Magnesium is best absorbed transdermally (through the skin), making a relaxing soak with Westlab’s Magnesium Flakes the best go-to option.

Penny Hamilton, co-founder of Westlab and salt specialist says: “Magnesium is vital in supporting relaxation and sleep as it plays an essential role in the production of Serotonin (the happy hormone), the regulation of Melatonin (the sleep hormone) and the reduction of Cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body.”

New Year Pick Me Ups! – Dr. Bronner’s Citrus Castile Soap – RRP from £8.49, available from

If time doesn’t allow for a long bath, an uplifting shower is a great way to start (or wrap up) the day, especially during winter and darker days. Try incorporating Dr. Bronner’s Citrus Castile Soap into any shower routine. Fresh and bright with an invigorating blend of organic orange, lemon and lime oils, the soap contains citrus essential oil, which is widely used for its uplifting impact and is said to help reduce stress. The orange oil is extracted from the outer part of the orange peel, and the orange oil is further concentrated through a technique called “folding” resulting in a richer, juicy fragrance!

Not just used on the body, this 18-in-1 soap can double up to clean the hair, dishes, laundry and even household pets, meaning the uplifting citrus fragrance can follow you everywhere you go. As a completely eco-friendly soap, all bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and with no synthetic preservatives or detergents of foaming agents, it really is the best option for both human and earth.

New Year Pick Me Ups! – Four Sigmatic: Reishi Mushroom Elixir (RRP £23.99), available from

Mushrooms have long been renowned for their magical, healing abilities. In particular, Reishi mushrooms can help to reduce stress levels, improve sleep and lower fatigue. As one of the most researched ‘herbs’ in the world, reishi is known as the ‘queen of mushrooms’ – this is especially own to its incredible balancing properties of the body and mind.

These drink sachets calm the mind down, regulate the hormonal system and lower cortisol levels, which collectively ensures a better-quality sleep. For an elevated evening ritual, swap the usual nightcap for this drink, by simply mixing 1 sachet with 85ml of hot water. The sachets also make for a great coffee replacement during the day – the perfect way to get a daily dose of medicinal mushrooms and avoid a post-coffee crash.

New Year Pick Me Ups! – Urtekram: Fragrance Free Shampoo & Conditioner (RRP £7.60 each), available

Setting the goal & going vegan for the month of January (aka Veganuary) isn’t just about what you’re putting into your body but also what you’re putting on it too. Thanks to Urtekram, a vegan-friendly skincare routine is a simple lifestyle swap with long-lasting positive effects on both human and earth.

With all of their products being vegan, natural and certified organic by Ecocert to COSMOS standards, the Fragrance Free Shampoo (RRP £7.60) and Fragrance Free Conditioner(RRP £7.60) are specially formulated for sensitive scalps and leave hair glowing – leaving you looking and feeling fresh all New Year long.


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