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New Home Designs In 2022  

New Home Designs In 2022  

Trends come and go, and though you may not understand why a certain style has come back in. But a lot of the time trends can be directly impacted by events happening around the globe.

For example, the pandemic has forced people to spend more time at home, which has therefore made them reassess their living space. Let’s delve into new home designs and the trends we can expect in 2022 as we head into a post-pandemic world.  

New Home Designs In 2022  – Room Extensions 

A new trend that we will definitely see a lot more of is home extensions. People are now either remote working permanently or have found that they don’t go out as much as the previous years. These two things combined have really made people realise how much more space they need to make their home liveable. Taking on such a project isn’t as hard as it used to be before, as you can employ the help of specialists to make your dream a reality. Guildford architects are able to offer lots of different types of extensions so you can find one to suit your home no matter the size. This is why adding an extension to open up the home can be an expected trend of 2022.  

New Home Designs In 2022   – High-Quality Materials 

Previously people may have been happy with faux finishes for their homes, but in 2022 this might not be the case anymore. Quality seems to have become the main factor again when choosing designs pieces for the home, meaning people won’t settle for MDF and will shell out for heavy oak instead. There might also be an increase in unique pieces that are made by independent sellers too, as the pandemic has encouraged more people to shop small and support local businesses.  

New Home Designs In 2022   – Playing With Colour 

Neutral tones were a staple trend for years, but as we’ve spent more time indoors, people are finding the rooms a little cold and bare. Injecting colour into every room will be a common theme, whether it’s opting for a bright accent wall, or adding a rich forest green sofa. People won’t be shying away from adding depth to a room with a new colour palette.  

New Home Designs In 2022  – Multi-Purpose Rooms 

Working from home has become the norm for a lot of people, so turning their homes into a viable workplace is now crucial. Instead of just having a living room, people will look at utilising the space and creating a corner office within it. This way you don’t need to have a whole spare room to be able to work comfortably from home. This will probably spread to other rooms as well, with kitchens becoming multi-purpose and lending space to other functionalities. For example, during the pandemic, a lot of people picked up new hobbies, in particular arts and crafts. So, fitting a crafts area into a kitchen can be a way of creating a separate space for your hobby without taking up a whole room.  

New Home Designs In 2022   – Maximalism  

For years now minimalism has been the trend for home design. However, this might soon be a thing of the past as people turn to fill their homes with furnishings that go against the neutral, simplicity of minimalism. Spending more time at home has made people realise they want their space to truly reflect their personality, so they might add more eclectic pieces to their rooms to show off who they are. Throwing together different materials and colours to create a maximalist design could be a top trend of 2022.  

The changes you can expect to home design in 2022 are reflected in the world around us. After a hard couple of years, people will want to bring some colour and fun back into their homes and make them a comfy, but vibrant haven.  

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