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Narcos Fashion – Clothing inspired by Pablo Escobar 

Thursday 31st Mar 2022 |

Creating merchandise based on movies or tv shows is nothing new – every object In the world of Star Wars has been sold at some point, and there are even several “Collector’s Edition” Lego kits of the most memorable scenes. Toys have been a massive money-spinner for the studios that create blockbuster movies.  

Figurines and models make great toys, but the creators of the Netflix mega-hit “Narcos” have done something completely different by creating a fashion line that is said to be inspired by Pablo Escobar himself – just like their hit show Narcos.  

Two Worlds Collide 

With the release of the Narcos fashion line, we are seeing the worlds of entertainment and fashion come together like never before. Narcos is produced for Netflix by a French film studio named Gaumont, and they have partnered with Dropdaze to create their exclusive clothing. The show has just been renewed for a fifth season and it would make sense for the new fashion line to launch at the same time as the new season. 

Narcos will initially be targeting men’s designer fashion, and we have been told to expect military-style jackets and pants, graphic tees and hoodies, recreated shirts that match what Pablo wears on screen, as well as soccer uniform sets, and an extremely limited supply of high-quality jewelry which is being produced in very small quantities. There is also a mention of “lifestyle goods”, although no specifics have been given for what these goods could be.  

The Draw of Pablo Escobar 

It’s truly fascinating how so many people are attracted to the activities of someone who was one of the most high-profile criminals of his time. The TV show attempts to tell the true story of Colombia’s drug cartels, including, of course, the kingpin – Mr. Escobar himself. 

The popularity of the show has already led to several licensed products based on the show. One such product is the Narcos online slot, which is undoubtedly a AAA game and one of the best online casino games currently available. NetEnt did a fantastic job here – 243 ways to win, an RTP of 96.23%, and a massive selection of base game modifiers, bonus rounds, and basically everything an online slots player could want! 

When Can I Buy Narcos Clothing? 

No specific dates have yet been given for when we may be able to buy the high-quality clothes that the French film studio Gaumont has been showing off, but they have at least stated that the collection will be available online this year. Interestingly, the company also states that pop-up shops will be set up in several key markets, so it will be interesting to find out what those key markets are.  

It feels relatively safe to suggest that Paris, London, and New York will all get the pop-up shop treatment, but which other cities might they choose? Italy is regarded as a worldwide fashion hub, so we will probably see something there. It will most likely come down to viewership figures in several large or capital cities. 

Has This Been Tried Before?  

Sort of; In 2017, Hulu linked up with New York label Vaquera and put together a collection of clothing that was inspired by their version of the classic story “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Amazon Prime has also been screening a fashion-inspired competition series named “Making the Cut”. That series is due to finish in April, at which point the winner will get to launch their collection with the help of Amazon – that’s quite a prize, and we are sure that competition is going to continue to be fierce on screen! 

Neither of those attempts is particularly similar to what Narcos and Dropdaze are doing with their new fashion line. The products that Dropdaze is creating are intended to be expensive, luxury items, with extremely limited runs. People will need to be very quick to secure some of the best items when they are eventually released, as the limited quantities being produced will ensure that only the most dedicated fans of the show will get their hands on what is likely to be some truly amazing items. 

This will be the biggest test for Dropdaze to date; the company is an e-commerce platform that was founded by Will Jarvis, Neil Saada, and Amaury Bargioni just a couple of years ago. If you don’t know those names, you should – these guys have years of experience in streetwear, and they said from the beginning that their intention was to work with TV and movie companies to create newly licensed streetwear. Many of their previous clients were small – B movies, so-called influencers on Instagram, and things like that. The company has now bagged the contract of a lifetime, and we reckon they are going to smash it! Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to find out. 

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