Muddy Trowel’s easy guide to ‘faking a green thumb’ this season 

Sunday 29th May 2022 |

With Spring now in full bloom, the state of our outdoor spaces at home is well and truly in focus. From BBQ season and al fresco dining to sun-soaking with a glass of Pimms, well-groomed outdoor areas, whatever the size, give us a sense of wellbeing and joy. But let’s not deny that equally important to us is hearing the collective ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from impressed guests.  

Easy to say for the experienced gardeners among us who seem to have it all figured out. But for those who aren’t too keen on gardening, or those who don’t know quite where to start, Muddy Trowel’s Head of Plants, Jack Shilley, has five simple tips to help you transform virtually any outdoor space, quickly and beautifully, and without the fuss. And for those with little to no garden space at all, he’s got you covered too. 

Top tip 1: Limited space on the ground? Go vertical! 

Small gardens or balconies should be maximised for ground space so take advantage of climbing pot plants and build your greenery upwards. An easy-to-grow climber with beautifully scented flowers, such as Jasmine, Ivy or Climbing Hydrangeas are ideal to grow on decorative obelisks, along railings or trellises, or create living walls using individual pots that hang from a wooden frame.9 

Perfect to add a burst of colour and texture to walls and gates, and in turn, support wildlife and biodiversity. 

Top tip 2: Need a quick garden makeover to wow your guests? Go for pot kits  

Rather than spending time and energy traipsing through nurseries, working out which plants go where, what soil type and accessories you need, and messing up the car with your haul, simply order plant pot kits for convenient home delivery. Curated plant pot kits, such as Muddy Trowel’s, provide everything you’ll need, in just the right quantities. Go for kits with perennial plants already in full bloom. Make sure they offer peat-free soil, environmentally friendly pots and expert planting instructions for easy home assembly. Plant pot kits are great because, in addition to being very convenient, they generate almost no waste, making them both affordable and sustainable. 

Your instant outdoor makeover will make you look like a master gardener with barely a flake of soil under your nails. It’s OK, your secret’s safe with us. 

Pro-tip: Get playful with a variety of potted plants and flowers, experimenting with different heights, textures, colours and plant densities positioned next to each other to create lush nature zones, groups of 3’s & 5’s (odd numbers) work best and achieve the greatest impact  

Top tip 3: No garden, no problem. You still have outdoor spaces to beautify 

Living in a flat or gardenless home doesn’t mean you have no outdoor space. Take a look around. You can use plants and flowers to transform your balcony, your front door, your front yard footpath to create an eye-catching burst of colour. In fact, the humble window offers huge potential in lifting the home vista. Bring window ledges to life with window boxes full of calming plant arrangements or more dramatic cascading florals, whichever best express your personal home style. They’re beautiful and welcoming for you when you get home, and equally pleasing for passers-by. 

The best part about window boxes is that they attract bees and butterflies so however high up your flat is, you can bring nature to you. 

Pro-tip: Look out for pre-prepared window box kits with quick and easy home delivery for extra convenience – don’t forget to keep them watered during the summer months. 

Top tip 4: Not into high maintenance? Choose plants with stamina 

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon weren’t built in a day. Amazing gardens require time, patience and constant attention. But there are some simple choices you can make as a novice gardener to just “set it and forget it” and still have a beautiful display to be proud of. Choose hardy perennial plants that even without much – or any – attention for that matter, will grow back year on year and will withstand a wide array of challenging conditions. There is such a broad range of perennials that you’re certain to find the right plant for your space, soil type or style. Not only are they much easier to manage, but they are also more cost-effective because you won’t need to replace your plants every year. 

Top tip 5: Empty garden space has you overwhelmed? Get it designed by a pro 

Populating a garden with greenery, however small or large the space may be, can feel like an enormous project you’re not sufficiently knowledgeable about, to try and tackle. We know plants can be very fussy. Not all of them thrive happily next to each other. Some are sun-soakers while others love shade. It’s a minefield and who has the time and money to learn the hard way? For the not-so-green-fingered among us, or for those with little to no time to spend in the garden, a quick and cheap solution is to have your perfect city oasis designed by gardening experts. Companies like Muddy Trowel, offer online design services for around £20. A quick online quiz and some photos of your space will help a professional hand-pick a set of ideal seasonal plants to help you transform your space. Hard bit all sorted. Now it’s the fun bit getting the plants in. 

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