Moving House with Children

Moving House with Children – How to Survive the Big Day 

Friday 21st Jan 2022 |

Moving to a different part of the country, or even overseas, is a big challenge for anyone, but things become so much more complicated when there are children to manage on the big day as well.

We are going to share a few tips that should make moving day a lot easier to handle for both children and their parents. 

Moving House with Children – Send them Off to a Friend’s/Relative’s/Neighbour’s Place 

It is not nice to think about our children as problems, but there is no denying that managing kids can become problematic on moving day. The best way to tackle the issue would be to simply send them off to a trusted friend’s or relative’s home nearby so that they can babysit for one last time before you leave. 

This may not be an option for everyone, but just in case you are lucky enough to have a reliable relative, friend, or neighbour that your children like, or have their own kids that the children are friends with, it can help get everything done so much faster. Even if you are not that lucky, using a childminder is an option. At the very least, call in some friends and/or relatives to help you manage things better. 

Another useful tip is to plan moving day when the kids are at school. This means you can drop them off at school, move house, and then pick them up at the end of the day! 

Moving House with Children

Moving House with Children – Make Them a Part of the Packing Process 

Get your packing boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, and other packing supplies and get to work with your children. Most children like being made a part of something, especially when it involves the grownups. Use that to your advantage and let them help with the packing, as best as they can. This will keep them engaged and busy right alongside you.  

If the packing stage gets too much, contact a firm like G W Twilley and Son Removals. Their well-trained team are professionals and can make short work of packing up a house. This will almost certainly be less stressful for you in the run up to the big day.  

Moving House with Children – Finish as Much of the Work as You Can, Before the Big Day 

If you are done with planning, booking, packing and everything else that many homeowners leave until the last day, you will essentially have nothing else to do but manage your children! The best removal companies do all the heavy lifting for you, so a bit of supervising will be the only duty left to cover. As such, moving house with children should not feel like an issue at all on the big day. 

These are some of the most effective ways to streamline the entire process of moving house with children, but not all children behave in the same way, of course. It is perfectly possible that you have exceptionally well-mannered kids, but most parents will come to appreciate having a bit of foresight in this department and not taking any chances. 

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