Magical Bathing Rituals with Westlab

Saturday 15th Jan 2022 |

Bath time rituals during the full moon have long been practised by those looking to take control of their energy and set intentions for the days ahead.

For a truly magical experience, Emma Rosa from The Mystical Self, a tarot reader and energy healer, has put together her guide for creating a Moon Bath ritual using Westlab salts. This year the first full moon of 2022 (also known as the Wolf Moon), will grace our skies at 11.48pm on 17th January.

Emma Rosa’s guide to setting up sacred space for your bath ritual:

  • Turn the lights down low or light some soothing candles, this will soothe your nervous system and instantly give a sense of calm and peace
  • Cleansing the space with incense or herbs like sage and palo santo will clear the stagnant energy of the space, this step is especially useful if you have a shared bathroom
  • Setting an intention for your bath time creates a ritual to step into, your own mini bath temple. Try the ‘let go’ or ‘heart opener’

The ‘let go’

Water is a beautiful way to cleanse and recharge our energy. After the long day, take a hot bath, infused with Westlab Recover Bath Salts (RRP: £7.99) and light your favourite incense or sage. This will cleanse any energy that isn’t yours and reset back to your own soothing frequency. Set your intention to call your energy and power back to you, imagine anything you no longer need soaking into the water, ready to wash away when you pull the plug and enjoy coming back into balance.

The ‘heart opener’

Creating a bath ritual is also a magical way to honour our inner goddess and romance ourselves with some self-care. Light some candles, infuse your bath with Westlab Mindful Bath Salts (RRP: £7.99) and add in some freshly picked rose petals. You could even add a rose quartz crystal if you have one as this stone promotes self-love, self-empowerment and self-worth. Press play on your favourite dreamy soundtrack and speak romantic messages to each and every part of your body. Thank it for everything it does for you. This will instantly change up your energy and open the heart to let more love in.  Available from Ocado, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Look Fantastic


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