Key discussion topics while hiring Finnish to English Translation Services

Tuesday 28th Dec 2021 |

Growing and scaling up your business isn’t a piece of cake. It comes with a lot of problems. One issue that accompanies going global is reaching out to different audiences, which means transforming and translating your content to different languages.

So, how can you judge the level of Finnish to English translation service you are hiring? We bring you the key topics to discuss with the potential document translation services near me provider to make an informed decision.

Workflow and deliverables

A corporate translation/localization project isn’t as simple a translating content from Finnish to English. It involves a lot more than that. From handling the workflow to translating and localizing different levels of each project, a corporate project isn’t a single file to handle. The project manager will have to manage the whole workflow and make it as smooth as possible. Talk to the potential translation firm you are thinking about hiring regarding their workflow, deliverables, and delivery time. Being on the same page is very crucial if you wish for your project to complete efficiently.


Discuss the technology that the translation service must be using in order to automate the process and make it smoother and effortless. The automation doesn’t refer to automated translation but rather the file handling automation for large volume projects. Resources like cloud file storage and infrastructure are very helpful in this regard as they relieve the task force of the repetitive tasks so that they can focus on the real task: translation! And produce more fruitful outcomes! Secondly, make sure the technology and servers used by the translation service provider are secure enough to keep your data safe.


Another very crucial topic to discuss with your service provider is that of the quality of their services. For that matter, look for a translation service that is certified ad follows international standards and certifications. A certified provider focuses on fulfilling the customer requirements while delivering quality services as they comply with the international standards as well as your specifications. So, choose a certified Finnish to English Translation Company for your business to make sure that you get the ultimate customer experience and quality products that will help boost your business in the international markets.


Another deciding factor to consider is the price of the contract translation services. Usually, these services charge per word price. However, the per word price may include variations, so you will have to discuss it with your provider. It is recommended that you get quotes from different providers and ask them to specify what the per-word price or service includes. In this way, you will be able to compare the prices while actually knowing what each service entails. While finalizing the price point with your chosen service provider, talk to them about the quality, workflow, and discounts for repetition to negotiate the best price.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best Finnish to English Translation service for your business can make all the difference for your company, as the right service will have the potential to become your strategic partner and help to grow your business. To find the best fit for your business, evaluate your options while keeping the topics mentioned above in your mind. Ask them specific questions regarding their operations, service rates, technology usage, and quality. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises during the project. Kings of Translation is among the top-rated translation agency that bring you the best Finnish to English translation services. Explore our website to know more about our products, services, and reviews!

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