Keeping Your Pet Birds Happy & Healthy

Tuesday 08th Feb 2022 |

Pets play a major role in our life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cat, dog, fish, bird, or anything else, the truth is, life wouldn’t be the same without them. Those who have birds know how precious they are.

There are different reasons why people decide to take care of them. Still, just like with living beings, you have to work on their training and interacting, and you’ll quickly realize how social these creatures can be.

Besides that, they are breathtaking and can be a perfect pet for almost thirty years. Now, if you haven’t owned one, or even an entire flock, yet you are ready to embark on this journey, here are some useful tips that will help you take care of it/them.

Beneficial Tips To Keep Your Birds Happy And Healthy

Spend As Much Time As You Can With Your Bird(s)

Just like most animals, they love spending time with those they love, therefore, whenever you are able to make sure to spend some time with your flock (or if you have only one). Now, just because you have a flock, it doesn’t mean that these birds do not love your company.

On the contrary. Most birds adore socializing with their human and if they do not receive enough attention from him or her, it can seriously affect both their physical and mental health. Many studies have shown that birds who are frequently neglected can be very destructive and display different types of negative behavior, such as feather picking.

Now, this is something that can be very disturbing and stressful for a bird, especially if you keep more than one in the same cage. That’s precisely why you should do anything that’s in your power to spend as much time as you can.

It doesn’t mean that you should do it for many hours, but thirty minutes or one hour is perfectly enough. You will soon notice how their behavior has changed for the better. 

Diet Is Extremely Important!

Just like you want to maintain your health by having a balanced, healthy diet, well the same goes for your birds as well. Avid bird lovers at suggest providing them with a well-rounded diet. So what does it mean?

Nobody likes to constantly eat the same food, so spice things up by combining various things. For instance, you can always opt for dried mealworms for birds, peanuts for birds or millet spray for birds to spice things up.

They are going to love these things! Aside from that, you should also consider having fresh veggies and fruits combined with seed mixes and classic pellets. Many bird experts claim that these things are extremely beneficial for them.

Why is fresh food good for them? Well, that’s because it provides your bird with all the essential vitamins and nutrients they need in order to thrive and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus, if they are constantly receiving something delicious and new, they will get the opportunity to try out new flavors which are going to keep them content and mentally stimulated. Of course, we cannot stress out how crucial it is to always provide a bowl of fresh water.

And That’s Not Everything You Need To Know

Birds Require Quality Sleep!

Every living being needs quality sleep, and the same goes for birds. It allows them to rest their body and get all the necessary energy. Namely, sleep decreases stress significantly and enhances their memory and learning.

For example, a budgie can sleep up to twelve hours per day. Normally, it prepares for bed at least thirty minutes before actually going to sleep. So if you want to make sure all your birds are provided with the best possible conditions when it comes to sleep, give them an opaque blanket that will not allow the light to enter, and it will make sure all your birds are getting the proper rest and that’s something they all need.

Now, another solution that is worth considering is to soundproof their cage a little bit if there’s a constant activity in the room. It would be recommendable to keep the space they’re in dark, and just let a little light inside, so they know they are safe and not injured in case they hear something that is going to wake them up. This item will enable your birds to sleep peacefully.

Those who have been (and still are) surrounded by these astonishing creatures will tell you that they can be extremely loving and affectionate, which is one of the reasons why you should follow all these tips to ensure they are always feeling happy.

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