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Is Your AC Unit Giving You Trouble? Here’s What Might Be the Issue

Thursday 04th Aug 2022 |

A good and functional air conditioning system makes a hot day at home or at work much more bearable, but the same cannot be said for a faulty air conditioner. Having problems with one’s air conditioner is never a pleasant experience, especially on a hot summer day.

A faulty AC system with no indication as to what is causing the problem or where it is coming from can be very disheartening. Although most defects are repairable, waiting for your AC unit to be repaired in 90+ degree weather is not fun. However, a good way to manage and handle the situation is first to understand what could be the cause of the problem with your air conditioner.

Here are some common reasons why your air conditioner may be malfunctioning.

  • Disconnected Indoor Switch

Although this may appear to be a simple problem, a disconnected indoor switch may be the source of the problem with your air conditioner. The switch may have been mistakenly turned off, especially if your air conditioner’s indoor switch is in a location such as your garage or attic. To avoid extra troubleshooting, ensure your switch is turned on before proceeding with your air conditioner repair. This will save you a lot of time, energy, and money.

  • Dead Thermostat Batteries 

Another possible cause of your AC unit’s dysfunction is that your thermostat batteries have gone dead. You may also be wondering Why is my AC not dehumidifying my home or office and quickly conclude that the air conditioner has developed faults when in most cases, it is just a case of dead thermostat batteries. All you need is a quick change of batteries to get your AC kicking again in one piece. Check your AC thermostat batteries and replace them if they are dead.

  • A Blown Fuse

Another major possibility that you must validate is that you’ve blown a fuse or fuses. The failure in your AC unit could be caused by one of two fuse types: the literal fuse linked to the AC thermostat or the internal fuse. In both circumstances, you are unlikely to be able to fix it yourself if you lack the relevant training; therefore, you will need to call a professional.

  • Dirty Air Filter

An air filter that is not cleaned out regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions might be the main cause of air conditioner problems. Because of all the crud and dust that gets into it, your AC air filter may become clogged, restricting airflow into your AC system. An airflow restriction is harmful to your air conditioner since it might cause it to freeze and malfunction. The AC cannot cool adequately if there is ice on the coil.

  • Damaged Starting Components

Most air conditioning systems rely on capacitors to function effectively, with at least two (2) capacitors present in the outside unit. The “start” and “run” capacitors are the two deciding capacitors. These capacitors function similarly to large batteries because they hold electricity and allow your AC unit to power on and stay on. However, they have a limited shelf life. If you’re having problems with your AC units, your capacitors may be dead and in need of replacement.

  • No or Low Refrigerant

There are two possible causes of little or no refrigerant. It is either that the system has a leak, or that insufficient refrigerant was supplied when the air conditioner was installed, but it is almost often a case of system leakage. Because the refrigerant absorbs heat from the interior air, a decrease in the amount of refrigerant present inside the AC system will result in your AC unit not cooling adequately because the refrigerant content must align with that of the manufacturer.

If there is a leak, merely replenishing the refrigerant will not address the problem; instead, you will need to hire a professional specialist to help you locate and seal the leak.

Other potential problems could arise if the air conditioning unit was not properly installed, was inadequately serviced, or there was irregular maintenance. Nevertheless, before attempting to resolve the problem, you should think about the foregoing potential issues, and if any of them are beyond your ability to address, you should get the help of an experienced professional.

If you try to solve the issue on your own, you put yourself in danger of receiving an electric shock, so it is in your best interest to seek the advice of a professional who can help you verify your deductions and make the necessary adjustments in a prompt and effective manner.

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