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Instagram Marketing Trends of 2022 You Need to Know


The majority of Instagram users engage with this platform to discover a new brand, so they can shop for whatever they like. Hence, it’s not hard to tell that Instagram helps businesses perform better.

Therefore, many brands want to grow their followers quickly. Some marketing tools even give access to real Instagram followers free trial, so you know you’re investing in the right place. Influencers and businesses also come up with creative ideas to post on their pages and increase their reach.

Instagram is aware of the fact that businesses want to increase their engagement, reach, and followers, so they can thrive. That’s why it keeps updating the platform with useful features. If you want to know the Instagram marketing trends of 2022, keep reading this article!

1.    Leverage Instagram Link Stickers

In 2021, Instagram introduced link stickers after getting inspired by the swipe-up link feature. Rather than just having one link in the bio, this feature gives access to the users to navigate to a certain website with one single click.

It is also easy to use in your stories by clicking on the rectangular link sticker and adding a link of your choice.

Earlier Instagram link stickers feature was only available to accounts with over 10,000 followers like the swipe-up link, however, it was made available to everyone in October 2021.

2.    Rise in the Popularity of  Reels

Although most people think of this Instagram feature as “the TikTok clone”, it delivers incredible results in terms of reach and growth. Video content is king, and Instagram users utilize this feature to create knowledgeable or fun 15-second videos.

Instagram is keen to enhance the features of reels to boost its effectiveness in terms of performance. For example, advanced video editing tools, engaging filters, and more.

3.    The Live Feature

Instagram Live is a great way for brands to communicate with their followers and foster a stronger customer-business relationship. Especially after the pandemic, this live feature skyrocketed in its popularity.

Considering this, Instagram has plans to enhance this feature’s functionalities to attract more users towards it. Creating a banner on your profile to inform the users of your upcoming live session is one of its upcoming plans.

Besides this, Instagram will also add interactive chat options on the live feature, such as reporting comments and turning them off for specific viewers.

4.    Instagram’s Explore Tab

The Explore tab helps users in discovering new content on different Instagram pages related to their interests and watch history. It is also one of the most used features of Instagram.

Therefore, Instagram is putting its efforts into redesigning it and making it more user-friendly to increase usage frequency. This way, brands will focus on their marketing strategies accordingly, which helps with their content visibility on the explore page.

5.    The Power of Influencers

Another  marketing trend of 2022 that you must know and incorporate into your strategies is influencer marketing. It doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. Instead, it’s rising in popularity with every passing year.

Consumers, nowadays, take a genuine interest in the recommendations of influencers as they trust them rather than the typical brand advertisements. The best thing is that nano and micro-influencers have a better engagement rate due to the tight-knit community to help businesses significantly with sales at affordable rates. 

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