Important Skills For Every Computer Programmer

Wednesday 01st Dec 2021 |

It’s no surprise that you’re interested in becoming an app developer. Software development has been one of the fastest-growing careers in the past decade. It offers a lot of opportunities for people that want to do the work.

If you plan to become a computer programmer, there are some essential skills you need to master. Keep reading to learn the most important skills you can learn to become the best coder you can be.

Data Structures and Algorithms

One of the most important topics in all of computer science is data structures and algorithms. These topics are the backbone for almost every complex computer program available today. They’re what help you store and process data and figure out what to do and how to treat the user.

Even if you don’t actively use these things in your everyday programming, they’re still essential to know. Learning how to create these structures will help you develop more critical thinking skills and learn how to solve problems.

On top of that, many job interviewers ask about these things. While not answering a question about them may not be a dealbreaker, it will put you above other candidates who don’t know how to work with data structures and algorithms.

Source Control

The last thing you want to do as a programmer is to make several changes to your app, figure out that you don’t need those changes, and have no way to revert to a previous version of your program.

Unfortunately, this problem is more common than you think. People create much more work for themselves by not storing previous versions of their apps. That’s where source control helps.

You can install source control extensions on your code editor that allow you to commit your programming changes to your source control program automatically. Once it’s there, you can revert to a previous version of your code in case you ever make changes that you need to get rid of.

Developer Tools

There’s more to programming today than firing up a text editor and writing code. While you can do this and successfully create applications, doing things this way today requires more time and isn’t as productive.

Developer tools today provide a way to automate many developer tasks. You can automatically move your code to source control, push code to testing servers, move things to production, automatically download components, and many other things.

The more you can use these tools, the more productive you can be as a developer. Learn them when you first start to stay productive when learning.

Command Line

You can only move so fast when you use a mouse to navigate your machine. Using a GUI is sometimes cumbersome and not as easy to figure out.

Things are much easier and faster when you know what command-line options you have. Instead of loading windows to work on your computer, load up your command prompt and do things there.

Knowing your command-line tools will let you navigate your computer quicker and accomplish more in less time. On top of that, you can learn how to create more advanced commands that allow you to do complex tasks that are hard to do with your operating system’s GUI.


You don’t only have a text editor available to program these days. Text editors don’t contain many features useful for developers, so it’s hard to find a productive workflow when using them.

Today, you have many options for advanced text editors called IDEs. An IDE is an editor designed for specific programming languages. They let you do everything a programming language offers in one place instead of bouncing around different tools.

Many IDEs also contain built-in compilers for compiled programming languages. That means all you need to do is click run instead of jumping to the command line to run the compile command.


It’s challenging to create an app that doesn’t use data these days. While you may be able to use JSON files for information that doesn’t change and configuration files, it isn’t feasible to do so for changing application data.

Your options for a database will be between relational databases like SQL and document databases like MongoDB. Each of them has unique use cases and can handle many types of projects.

Your primary database choice will depend on the type of apps you want to build and where you want to work. Of course, it also pays to know how to work in any database environment too. Pick which one you think is more useful in your career and used in the companies you want to work for.

Research Skills

As you can see above, you’ll need to learn many technical skills to become a programmer. However, that isn’t the end of the story. The programming world is constantly evolving, and you need a way to keep up.

Because of that, research skills are a must for every programmer. Smart coding means taking advantage of the newest tools to become more productive and ship better products. That means you can’t afford to fall behind tech trends if you’re in evolving industries.

On top of that, it’s hard to remember every programming tactic out there. Having the right research skills will help you find the information you need to solve problems.

Becoming a Great Computer Programmer Isn’t Easy

You have a lot of work ahead of you if you want to become a computer programmer. It isn’t only about learning a few foundational tools in this journey. You’ll need to keep learning about new technology and tools to keep your skills updated in the future.

Make sure you start your journey the right way to ensure you prepare yourself for a successful career in the programming and IT industry.

Do you want to learn more tips that will help you prepare for your career? Head back to the blog to learn more.

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