How To Keep Your Horse Happy

Wednesday 09th Mar 2022 |

Keeping your horse happy will be one of the most important factors in the care you provide for them. You might not realise it, but horses can actually get bored very easily and they also like time on their own to recuperate just like us.

Just because they can’t speak doesn’t mean they won’t communicate their feelings with us, so it’s essential you pay close attention to their temperament and how they’re acting each day. So you can feel confident that your horse is content, here are some top tips on keeping them happy.  

How To Keep Your Horse Happy – Suitable Rugs 

Keeping your horse comfortable throughout the year is imperative to their happiness. You’ll want to make sure that you have the right horse rugs for winter and lightweight ones for warmer days too. Providing them with the best type of rug can really make a difference to their health and well-being. If you rug them too warm for the weather, you can cause them to overheat, and if you don’t rug them enough in the winter, then your horse can begin shivering and run the risk of hypothermia. Make sure you have a range of different rugs so you can keep them happy all year round.   

How To Keep Your Horse Happy – Plenty Of Food 

Animals and humans have one major thing in common, and that’s food. Be sure you provide your horse with plenty of grass, hay, and the occasional treats too. Horses can easily gain weight and become unwell if they’re fed the wrong foods, so make sure you’re giving them a healthy, balanced diet. A hungry horse won’t be content, and its temperament may become grumpy.  

How To Keep Your Horse Happy – Let Them Be Social  

Horses are actually very social animals, so try not to isolate them from people and other animals too often. For example, if they spend a lot of time in their stable on their own, their mind can become lonely and crave interaction with others. Some horse owners like to let other animals like cats be near to them as well, as just seeing other animals can help your horse feel more social. Horses enjoy being around other horses and people too, so try to ensure they have quality company too.  

How To Keep Your Horse Happy – Routine 

Having a set routine will allow your horse to feel secure and comfortable each day. They flourish following the same routine every day and it makes it easier for you to care for them as well. As you get to know your horse better, you’ll find out what they like and what they don’t so you can craft the perfect daily routine for them.  

How To Keep Your Horse Happy – Cure Any Boredom 

Horses can become bored quite easily if they don’t receive adequate stimulation during their day. One great way to incorporate more fun into their routine is by adding specially designed horse toys. By providing them with other forms of mental stimulation, you can really help improve their temperament.  

Maintaining your horse can be a lot of manual labour, but really, it’s a labour of love as it promotes the happiness of your horse. Keeping them well fed and groomed is just one small part of their daily routine, so make sure you’re looking at their whole day and filling it with fun and care. Keeping your horse happy doesn’t have to be difficult and taking extra measures to ensure they’re content will only enhance their life.  

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