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How to Wear a Cape Blazer: A Quick Guide

Monday 10th Jan 2022 |

The cape blazer is a classic style that offers wearers so many styling possibilities in the chillier winter months. Do you have a cape blazer or are hoping to find one but have no idea where to start when it comes to styling this dynamic piece?

If you are hoping to wear a cape blazer while having a look that will wow, keep reading. In this guide, we will give you tons of pairing and styling tips that can help you put together an outfit for any occasion.

Beautiful With Boots

A great way to not only stay warmer during the cold winter months but also to elevate a classic winter look is to pair your cape blazer with an awesome boot. An over-the-knee boot will not only be the warmest shoe pairing option, but it will also make you look slimmer and taller by adding some length to your outfit and drawing attention to the length of the leg. To balance this lookout, you will want to wear a slim option to make sure the boots are the highlight.

A great pairing option for this look is a knit sweater dress which will leave just a little room to show some leg while layering your blazer cape over top. However, you can also pair your cape blazer with a sweater and jeans by making sure you are using a slim and skinny style that will fit into your boot. You can also add some warmth to a sweater dress and cape blazer combo by wearing leggings that will fit with ease into your tall boot or by layering up with tights.

Make Your Cape Blazer the Statement

A cape blazer in itself is such a great way to make an outfit pop, as they are such a unique layering style. However, if you want to make your cape blazer the star of the show, you can do so by finding a cape blazer that acts as a statement piece. This could be a cape blazer that some in a bold or dramatic color or you could find a cool printed blazer design.

Great colours to seek out during the fall and winter months are deep plums, merlots, or emerald greens. This will allow you to make sure you are still seasonal and stylish. Additionally, one of the best prints to pull off in fall is leopard print.

Pairing a leopard-printed cape blazer with edgy apparel, such as leather leggings or studded boots is a great way to create an elevated outfit that feels young and hip.

Styling with a Cape Blazer: Top Tips and Tricks

The cape blazer style is a unique style that you don’t often see, likely because many are not sure how to pull the look off. Add some flair to your outfit with these cape blazer tips and tricks that can keep you both warm and chic this season.

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