How to Use Link Stickers on Instagram to Increase Audience Engagement

Thursday 16th Jun 2022 |

Instagram Stories link stickers are now open to all users. Yes, even those with fewer than 10,000 followers.  

As we all delight over this revelation, have you employed the stickers until now? It’s essential to begin brainstorming new methods to make your stickers more appealing so that users will tap on them.  

We’ve got a few suggestions for you if you’re a small business, startup, or content creator seeking inventive ways to show your link stickers in your story.

What are Instagram Stories Link Stickers?

Link stickers are icons that can be posted on an Instagram Story just like every other sticker, however, when you tap on the sticker, it takes you to a link.  

The link sticker shows the majority of the websites which is an excellent method to check where you’re heading rather than swiping up and having no clue where you’re landing to be connected.

One of the finest functionalities of Instagram Sticker links is that your active audience can interact and respond to stories that involve a link sticker, increasing engagement with your stories.

Now that you’ve discovered your groove and viewers tuned in to see the incredible Stories you’re sharing, the following phase is to interact with individuals. Instagram Stories are a great way to be active and interact with your followers. 

Stickers, in our view, are the most enjoyable approach to increasing audience interaction with Instagram Stories.

How to Get the New Instagram Stories Link Sticker?

As per Instagram, all users will be able to apply link stickers on their stories which means even if you only have a few thousand followers.

But how do you incorporate a link sticker into your story? So, take the following steps:

  • Head to the Instagram Story section, make a new Story, and then choose the link sticker. Do not however bother if you don’t really have link stickers already! It is yet a new feature that’s being handed out to all users, so it could be a few days or weeks before you see them in your stickers.
  • In the URL section, enter the URL you would like to include.
  • If you did not like the shade or style that was given, simply tap on the stickers to alter it. It’s really that simple.

How to Use Link Stickers to Increase Audience Engagement?

Because Instagram Story link stickers are yet relatively fresh to most people, we’re constantly adapting and trying out new techniques to increase Instagram likes and gain extra views on our posts. Try visiting that can help you get more likes.

Here we have mentioned a few ideas for increasing connection with your link stickers:

Crisp and powerful CTA

We always had to mention “swipe up” whenever we intended followers to interact with a specific URL, but now we can actually shift to link stickers. 

So, how can you pique your followers’ interest and get them to engage with your link? To draw their focus to the link, including relevant content or a graphic is a very good idea.

Including Stickers in the Stories communicates to your viewers that you wish to know from them! Each sticker serves as its own call to action, prompting users to socialize with your content in the present. 

Stickers are entertaining if you’re posing a query, giving humorous information, or conducting a poll to teach your viewers about your skills or goods.

If you aren’t utilizing stickers in your Instagram Stories, you’re passing up an opportunity to increase connection.

Make Your Custom Design to Highlight the Link Sticker

Are you passing along a link to your own site for folks to engage with? If this is the case, you should consider creating a customized design for the hyperlink. 

This would allow your followers to see precisely wherever they ought to engage and, ideally, follow up.

Bring prominence to the link by designating a specific position for your sticker link to be displayed every time so your audience realizes how to get there.

Don’t be concerned if you are not a visual artist. There are wonderful applications, such as Canva, that feature Instagram story templates that you can customize.

Change The Color and Font of the Sticker

With an overlay, you can modify the color and text of your sticker.

Because there aren’t many link hue choices right now, you may wish to develop an overlay that matches your identity and makes it shine off. However, a simple solution is to place a textual overlay or a sticker over the head of the actual address.

The more your stories are visually attractive, the more engagement they would draw. Therefore, you must make sure you use different colors and fonts for the stickers and your stories so that they look appealing and draw more views.

Quiz Stickers

With a trivia-style question, you can prevent users from idly scrolling over your posts and increase Instagram participation. 

Participatory stories are an excellent approach to test and enlighten your viewers on a certain subject. They proactively participate by requiring users to enter their solution to the quiz question in order to discover what the true solution is.

You may put your message at the beginning of the sticker, surrounded by the choices you wish users to select from. 

Don’t neglect to touch on the relevant symbol to choose the right response. Swipe the color wheel at the upper end of the display to loop via the obtainable options if you wish to modify the hue of your quiz box.

Location Sticker

The location tag, when contrasted to the previous choices, is far more prone to constitute inactive participation. 

Individuals may observe the tag on your Instagram story, however, they would not take action in most situations, despite the fact that it may increase your exposure beyond your following.

When you use this sticker, Instagram would instantly search for nearby destinations. You can select one of those alternatives or put it in any place in the globe directly.

Click to rotate between three various color selections, featuring multicolored and white, upon putting the label on your story.

Countdown Sticker

Since it generates a level of immediacy, the Instagram Stories countdown sticker is ideal for boosting positive Instagram participation. 

It informs individuals that anything is going to occur, like the debut of a new item or the permanent disappearance of an item. Users can choose to get alerts when the countdown expires as a recall.

Once you have placed the countdown sticker, give it a title and set the ending day and hour. You may also change the appearance of the sticker by using the chromaticity at the front. 

Instagram would then loop through various color choices to help you find the one that perfectly meets your material.


It requires a while and effort to have things done right.  So, if your involvement is not as great as you would want it to be straight off, do not be disheartened. 

Discover different things and review your historical stats to determine what works and what doesn’t for your brand and the target audience.

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