How to Travel with Sunglasses

Tuesday 08th Mar 2022 |

A pair of sunglasses should be easy to take around with you- after all, you need them every day! Anyone who has gone on a trip and forgotten, lost or broken their sunglasses knows the pain of lasting the rest of your trip without them. Make sure you take the necessary steps to have your essential accessory with you for your whole journey, all the way back to home. 

First of all, what sunglasses should you take with you? Before choosing your designer label sunglasses online, here are five things an good quality pair should be useful for: 

  • Sunglasses offer protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation damages the cornea as well as the retina. The right glasses for sunshine are specially treated to block out these harmful rays. This is especially crucial when you have a window seat on a plane or spend long hours exploring your new holiday spot. 


  • Sunglasses offer protection from bright sunlight. If the eye is exposed to excessive light, it can not only harm your eyes but also make it impossible to see what you are doing. If there’s too much light in the eye, like in the case of sunlight reflecting off snow, you will struggle to navigate your environment. The right sunglasses can stop light from entering the eyes as high as 97 per cent, thereby avoiding the damage and difficulty seeing. 


  • Sunglasses protect you from the glare. Certain surfaces, for instance, water may reflect a lot of light. Additionally, the shining spots could be distracting or conceal objects. Intense glare during a long journey can also result in headaches. 


  • Sunglasses block a certain frequency of light. Certain wavelengths of light may obscure vision, while other frequencies can increase contrast. Selecting the appropriate colour for your sunglasses will help them perform better in certain situations and grant you the clearest vision. 


  • A well-fitting pair of sunglasses also stay on your face. The worst thing you could do is to lie down during your flight, or beach nap, only to wake up to discover that your glasses have fallen off your face. If you’re lucky, they will be lying on your lap, but what about when you are enjoying yourself on active adventures? Make sure your sunglasses fit correctly to avoid the damage caused by sunglasses falling onto the floor during your travels. 

How to pack Sunglasses? 

The best spot for keeping your glasses safe is on your face. If you’re travelling with sunglasses, any pair you don’t wear should be kept in a sturdy case. The case you choose should not be made from soft, flimsy material but should offer all-around protection to your glasses, even when crushed in a bag or dropped onto the floor. Keep in mind that even if you put your sunglasses carefully inside your luggage, they could get damaged by another bag on top of it, especially if the bags that are in the overhead storage shift around during your flight. 

Why sunglasses shouldn’t be in your bag 

Since checked bags can get damaged, stolen, or lost, you shouldn’t pack your glasses within your check-in bag. Instead, you should keep them in your carry-on bag. In addition, many airlines will not reimburse for damaged, lost or stolen baggage. Even if your insurance will cover such loss, you do not want to experience the stress of travelling without having your sunglasses to look after your eyes. 

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