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How to Properly Organize a Gift Registry

Tuesday 08th Mar 2022 |

When you know you need to set up a gift registry, things can get a little overwhelming. It’s hard to sit and figure out the things you’ll be needing for an entirely new phase of life, and if you’re someone that has trouble receiving gifts for emotional or childhood reasons, the pressure can feel heavy.

The following will explore a few tips on properly organizing a gift registry with the aim of keeping the process smooth and simple and ensuring that you get things you’ll actually love and use.

In-Store Or Independent

The first major choice you’re going to have to make is whether you want to create your registry with a particular store or independent of any particular store. Unless there’s only one store you ever go in, you’re probably going to want to create an independent list. Ideally, you’re going to want to create this registry online so that no matter where your gift purchasers are living, they’ll be able to access the list and get you something off of it. Worldwide, there’s a decrease in in-store shopping because ordering from an online store is more efficient and often gives the shopper more options. Online shopping is especially helpful for those who will be buying you a gift but are incredibly busy, like friends with a new baby or someone who can’t ever seem to leave the office.

Use A System

There are several providers of online, independent gift registries that can make the process so much easier on you. There are factors involved logistically that can be tough to manage on your own. For example, you’re going to want to remove items from the registry the moment they’re bought so that you avoid duplicate gifts. You also might want to provide people with the option of sharing the purchase of a more expensive gift. Registry systems can help you with all of this (and often, they help you make the registry page pretty to look at and user-friendly, which is important, too).

Don’t Be Afraid To Include Non-Physical Items

Sometimes people think their registry needs to be filled with classic gifts for the particular occasion they’re experiencing. This isn’t the case at all. EasyRegistry emphasizes that you should feel free to include items that are not physical gifts that can be wrapped up and shipped; their website has several examples of registry pages. If you’re saving up for a honeymoon, include that on your registry and allow people to offer any amount of money towards that goal as they want. If you and your partner really need more bookshelves because one of you (we’re not saying which one of you) has a book buying problem, why not include the cost of built-in shelf design and construction for your new home? Think about what you’ll actually benefit the most from and include these things on the list.

Work Together

If your registry is for a shared occasion like a baby shower for new parents, a wedding gift, or a housewarming gift, be sure to work together when creating the registry. Don’t put something on the list unless both of you love it and want it. If you’re under the impression you can convince your partner that the item is actually perfect for the two of you, still don’t put it in the registry. Convince them how ideal it is and then purchase it later if needed. The registry shouldn’t be a point of contention, but a list of things that both people involved will need and use.

Complete The Registry In Advance

People are busy these days, and that means they might be planning on shopping way in advance or at strange times. Complete your registry at least four to six months before the event to give guests lost of time to select a gift and wait for delivery if they’ve made the purchase online. This also allows people the time they need to put aside a little money if they need to do that before shopping.

Don’t Include Registry Information On Invitations

It can be confusing to figure out when are where to share information regarding your registration. Don’t put the information on your wedding or shower invitations. Tell your family and close friends as well as the people who are helping you organize the celebration and let them spread the word. Of course, if people ask, you can tell them about your registry, but many consider it a little inappropriate to include that information on an invite.

The above tips should help you make the most of your gift registry, whether you’re getting married, moving into a new home, graduating, or welcoming a new family member into the world. Remember that you don’t need to put something on the list just because it’s traditionally given at the occasion; only put down things you actually want and need.

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