How to Plan a Small Wedding Reception On a Budget 

Wednesday 27th Apr 2022 |

Your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, but it is also an enormous amount of money to spend on one day.

In fact, the average UK wedding costs £24,000! It is understandable that people will look for ways to make savings, especially when the cost of everything seems to be increasing. So, what are a few tips for planning a small wedding reception on a budget? 

Choose an Off-Peak Date 

First, you should think about the time of year and week that you host your wedding. Many people dream of a wedding in the middle of summer, but this will always cost extra. Consider having your wedding during a quieter part of the year, such as late autumn. Although the weather may not be great (although you could get lucky!), you should find that this time of the year has its own special feel and you can make big savings. Additionally, non-weekend dates will always be more affordable. 

Borrow a Dress 

The dress can be another major cost but also one that you can always make savings on. The wedding dress is obviously a key part of the wedding and you will want to find one that makes you look and feel beautiful, but you do not have to buy new to achieve this. You may be able to find an affordable second-hand dress online or even borrow one from a family member – this could also add emotional value and make the day that little bit more special. 

Send E-Invites 

Anyone that had to delay their wedding once or twice during COVID-19 will testify how frustrating and expensive it is to print out a high number of wedding invites. Instead, an e-invite will help you to make big savings and can also be easier and more efficient and could include a direct link to the website where they can RSVP. 

Use Your Friends 

You should also consider your friends and family and if you could use them instead of hiring suppliers. Not only will this help you to make big savings, but it will also help your loved ones to feel an important part of the day. This might include a friend that can do the flowers for you, a friend in a band that could play in the evening or even someone that could make your wedding cake and/or cater for the wedding. 

Use One Venue 

Instead of paying for the church and a reception venue, consider getting married in one venue that can do it all for you. This can save you a huge amount as well as take the stress out of transport (another cost when you have two venues). 

Simple Yet Impactful Decorations 

There are also ways to make savings on the decorations while still creating a beautiful, magical space. Solar fairy lights, festoon lights and lanterns can help to create a whimsical feel while also being environmentally friends. Lights4Fun has a few good ideas for decorating with light: “To fill a room quickly with extra twinkle utilise fairy lights and connectable festoons for your Wedding Lights. The evenly spread out LEDs make the best unified look. Connectable lights are ideal for covering the ceiling as you can make them to any length. Generally, the more layers you drape back and forth the more impressive the overall effect – like a night under the stars.” 

 Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas and help you to plan an unforgettable day without breaking the bank! 

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