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How to Meet New People When Traveling 

Monday 01st Aug 2022 |

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling and liberating things, but it still has potential downsides. It may get very lonely, especially if you are traveling alone. If you are traveling for a long time with friends, it may get boring to have them by your side the whole time.

These are situations that may make you want to meet some new people to make connections or even be helped to tour a particular place. But how do you network while traveling and improve the experience? And what are the best ways to meet other tourists or locals looking for connections? Find out here. 

Consider a Group Travel Company  

Group traveling has become an efficient way to establish connections if you have the tolerance. As you travel with other people, you will surely make connections as opposed to traveling solo. Group travel companies allow you to select a country or place you are interested in, set a date, and book the trip. You and your travel buddies get updates about the arrangements, and once the day comes, off you go. If you are thinking about traveling to a country you never visited before, you should make sure to check out our 5 valuable tips for traveling safely 

Group tours are time-efficient and convenient, and they offer ready-made travel companions. 

Make Use of Social Media and Dating Apps 

Social media and dating apps are valuable tools that can help you. You can learn about certain events or festivals that may be happening around you through social media. Facebook groups are beneficial and can help you meet people with similar interests. Attending an occasion allows you to interact with new people.  

Dating apps are also excellent. The good thing is you don’t have to use them to find romantic partners. Just indicate on your profile that you are exploring and wish to meet new people with shared interests. There are many dating apps for one night stands that help people with similar interests meet up.   

But if you are still looking for a date or romantic connection, why not?   

Volunteer Somewhere 

Volunteering is great, and it will give you two wins. You will be doing it for an excellent cause to make the world a better place, and it will help you meet new people. You can sign up for volunteer activities like helping others, environmental conservation, animal rescue, or even assisting with education projects.  

Sign Up for a Class or an Event  

If you are interested in doing something, signing up for an event or class open to locals and expatriates can help you meet someone new. For example, you can try a yoga or cooking class.  

If these are not things that interest you, maybe you can sign up for a bar crawl, a gym class, or a new sports class. You can even take a free walking tour or a dancing class to put yourself out there. 

Be Intentional About Where You Stay 

Different accommodation premises impact how close you get to meet new people. Couchsurfing will help you connect with other people by helping you find a place to stay or even find events.  

Again, staying in a hostel instead of a hotel may make it easier. Usually, hostels have arrangements for different activities you can be part of. They may prepare walking tours, day trips, or have open mics for residents. Most of them also have shared spaces like restaurants, bars, and co-working spaces, which can better your chances. You can still have a private room if you want a bit of privacy.  

It is essential to do adequate research before settling on where you will stay. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Strike Conversations 

Without a doubt, you are bound to come across different people while you travel. Whether on the bus, in a café, club, bookshop, or grocery store, starting a conversation may be your way to meet someone new. If you feel the urge, initiate the interaction.  


Keep an open mind and be ready to be ignored as well. Meeting new people is about chance too. 

Final Thoughts 

 Traveling and meeting new people can seem overwhelming to some people. However, it can also be an opportunity to make lifelong connections and networks. If you fancy meeting new people, the strategies in this post can come in handy. You only have to keep an open mind and be cautious for a fantastic experience.