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How to Help Your Partner with ED

Friday 01st Jul 2022 |

The sudden inability to engage in intercourse can be surprising and worrying for any person. ED is a prevalent medical issue that impacts men worldwide.

However, the tabooed nature of the subject has allowed for many rumors and misconceptions to rise. It is thus important to have an open and honest conversation about ED.  

erectile dysfunctionThanks to modern medications like generic Viagra, generic cialis and generic sildenafil, it has become much easier to treat ED cases. However, despite all the apparent advances, it may not always be as simple for many men. Treating ED can take a long time and requires a lot of patience. Depending on the root cause of a man’s ED, medications may just be one option. It is vital to have a good support system when someone is going through ED. This is where a large portion of responsibility lies on the man’s partner. Your partner requires you to be supportive and help them navigate through this health problem. Here are some ways you can help your partner with ED. 

Educate Yourself   

One of the first steps you should take toward helping your partner is to educate yourself. Today it is easier than ever to find valid and up to date information on any subject. The more you know about ED, its causes and potential treatment plans, the better you can guide your partner as well. You may not find all the answers you are looking for, so it would be wise to consult a specialist or a physician. This is because most times, ED is usually a sign of an underlying health condition and may require targeted treatment. Hence it would be good to quickly catch any festering health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure before they worsen.  

The information you learn is not only to help you and your partner make informed decisions but also to make you more sensitive to the issue. Often men associate their performance in the bedroom with their self-worth. The more you learn about ED, the less likely you will be to say something insensitive and will instead help uplift your partner.  

Do not Make It About Yourself.  

ED is not indicative of how attractive your partner finds you or how stable the relationship is. Many people begin to have thoughts such as: Am I still attractive? Or is he bored?  

These thoughts can further jeopardize the relationship as your partner is already wrapped in insecurities with ED. The last thing you need is to question the relationship. This can result in two people lashing out at each other and terminating the relationship. The best course of action is to talk to your partner about their feelings.  

Accompany them with Appointments  

Getting yourself checked up head to toe can be an exhausting, tedious and daunting experience. Endless doctor appointments and blood work can make anyone feel burned out. Your partner would appreciate it if you offered to go to their appointments. You can help drive them or run other errands along the way. Most importantly, you can be there for them emotionally. Men try to put up a brave face, but they too have insecurities, fears and self-doubt. Having the love of their life next to them can make it easier and make them feel a lot more comfortable. The entire exercise will also dramatically improve your relationship.  

Seek Couples Counselling  

If not managed right, ED can hurt relationships. Men will often isolate or avoid their partners if they feel insecure and anxious about performing in the bedroom because of ED. This can slowly put more and more distance between you and your partner.  

Self-esteem issues can be a real problem for any couple. ED can cause severe low self-esteem as men associate their worth with what they can provide. These feelings, coupled with confusion from their partner, can result in rifts between two individuals. Hence seeking couple counselling can be a real push towards being in a functional, loving relationship.  

A licensed mental health professional can guide both of you to communicate your feelings and fears better. Then, you and your partner can work your way back to a loving relationship while addressing ED symptoms.  

Express Unconditional Love  

Unconditional love can go a long way towards putting your partner at ease and helping them get through ED. They should not feel like your love for them is tied to what they can deliver for you in the bedroom. Communicate with your partner and tell them how you feel about them and how you will remain by their side.  

Just because you and your partner cannot engage in penetrative intercourse, that does not necessarily mean you cannot express your love to each other. Cuddling, kissing, or even simple hand-holding can straighten the non-sexual love in your relationship.  

edTreating ED  

ED can be caused due to several issues, and these can be both physical and mental. As mentioned previously, it is commonly caused as a symptom of another underlying health condition. Hence it is wise to seek a professional opinion first. Your partner’s immediate reflex may be to buy cheap Viagra, which is easily available today. But the right way is to first identify the core cause of ED before seeking treatment. Only a doctor can find the exact cause, and if they deem it necessary, they will prescribe you the medication that fits your needs. These may include the likes of tadalafil mylan, sildenafil generic, levitra, or cialis generic.  

IQ Doctor  

IQ Doctor is a fully licensed pharmacy that offers a wide variety of ED medications. You can visit their website and get a free medical consultation to figure what options may be suitable for you.  

A Word from IQ Doctor 

Erectile dysfunction may affect anybody, and it can happen for a number of reasons. Encourage your partner to get medical help or treatment when necessary, and also make to receive help for yourself when you need it. In the meanwhile, work towards finding new ways to connect and show your love. 

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