How To Eat Pizza Like An Italian  

Monday 28th Mar 2022 |

Italy is a country that has much to offer. From its beautiful language and decadent history to seemingly endless miles of scenery that blanket the coastline, the country is a definite must-visit. But that’s not all.

There’s one more thing that truly sets the country apart: its food. More specifically, its fresh and delicious tasting pizza. 

Though there is technically a “correct” way to eat this pizza, you don’t have to worry! If you’re dining at London Pizza Depot or at Sorrento’s finest pizzeria, we are confident that after studying this guide – and with some practice – you’ll be eating pizza like an Italian in no time at all. 

How To Eat Pizza Like An Italian

Eating a quality Neapolitan pizza is a delicate process that completely differs from what we are used to. Because of this, Italians appreciate every single bite of their pizza. Here is a guide to eating pizza like a proper Italian.

Sit Down 

You will want to sit down and eat your pizza if you can – whether you’re in a cosy trattoria or a stunning piazza. In Italy, pizza is always round and served on a plate unless it is sold on the street or purchased as pizza al taglio (cut to go) in a pizzeria. If your pizza hasn’t been cut for you, you should cut it into triangular slices yourself. Location doesn’t really matter. Instead, it’s all about leisurely enjoying the delicious taste of the pizza.

Personal Pizza

When you purchase a pizza, you should eat the entire thing by yourself. In Italy, most pizzas are appropriately sized to be “personal” pizzas, which means they are not to be shared by multiple people on a table.

Do Not Hesitate 

Pizza should be eaten piping hot and straight from the oven. You should not hesitate to begin eating it. In Italy, waiting for your pizza to completely cool down is often considered to be a big insult to the pizza maker and also goes against all protocol. 

Slice The Pizza: Utensils vs Hands

There are no strict rules when it comes to pizza etiquette. But if it’s a sit down affair, Italians will typically use a knife and fork to cut pizza slices into smaller pieces rather than using their hands. This is because your pizza will be very hot, so folding and eating it with your hands isn’t always a good idea.

If you are eating pizza with your hands, you should fold each slice as you pick it up so that you get all the ingredients in each mouthful.

When the pizza has cooled and only a small portion of your slice is left, it is then acceptable to pick it up and eat it. 

Savour The Crust

The crust is certainly not to be discarded. The best crust can be used to mop up the oil from an ideal pizza starter such as a bowl of plump, buttery nocellara olives – or can be eaten on its own.

No Toppings Or Sauce

If you want to eat pizza like an Italian, you should not expect unusual toppings. There will be no chicken, ketchup, grated Parmesan, or pineapple. If you’re looking to embrace Italian pizza, you should stick to the ingredients that are stated on the menu. You should also never request dipping sauces. Authentic Italian pizza is a tasty experience in itself and should be enjoyed for what it is.


If you can, try to leave any leftover pizza at the restaurant. In Italy, taking leftover food home is not a common practice and is sometimes seen as a sign of bad manners or poverty. However, there’s nothing stopping you with taking a family bag home if there is a large quantity of leftover food.

Choose An Appropriate Drink

There is an unwritten rule that cappuccino and wine are not ordered with pizza. Instead, you should opt for sparkling water or beer which compliments the taste of the pizza. This doesn’t break the “Wine or Water, Nothing Else” Italian food rule because pizza is not a meal. 

Pizza Is Rarely Eaten For Lunch

If a restaurant serves pizza for dinner then there’s little chance of getting it another time. This is because the main secret to achieving great tasting pizza is switching on the oven hours before. This is a large reason why many restaurants won’t include pizza as a meal choice early in the day.


That concludes this guide about how to eat pizza like an Italian! Pizza is social food. So, while you should take the time to appreciate every delectable mouthful, you also need to appreciate the scenery and people around you, too. You can also check out if you also want to know more cooking tips and tricks.

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