Outdoor Entertaining Space 

How to Create a Luxury Outdoor Entertaining Space 

Sunday 12th Jun 2022 |

Increasing numbers of Brits are embracing nature, investing in their gardens and choosing to entertain outdoors.

If you have a garden and often have people over to socialise then a luxury outdoor area is perfect for enjoying with friends and family. Here are our top tips on how to create a luxury outdoor entertaining space. 

Choose Your Location 

When choosing the perfect location in your garden, you’ll want to consider several factors. If your garden is on a high level then do you need an area that’s sheltered from the wind? Are there parts of your garden that are overlooked or where your socialising might disturb your neighbours? 

You might also want to figure out what aspect your garden has so you know what times of the day your garden will have the most sun and in what area. This will help you pick the perfect spot if you know you’ll mostly be using it to entertain in the evening versus if you want to sit out there with a coffee in the morning. 

Many people choose an area that’s close to the house, making it easy to nip back inside for refreshments, an extra layer or a trip to the bathroom but other areas of the garden work just as well, provided there’s a clear, well-lit path to the house. 

Outdoor Entertaining Space  – Create Your Dining Area 

If you’re planning to feed your guests then a dining area is essential. Think about whether or not your garden is level and do you want the table and chairs to be on your lawn or on a deck or patio area? When it comes to decking vs patio, they both have pros and cons and you’ll need to consider which is the right fit for your garden and budget. 

Think About Lighting 

If your garden party goes on after dark then you’ll need to install lighting or your guests will be forced inside. Soft string lighting works well to create a relaxed ambience and you’ll also want lights dotted around the garden and along any walkways to the house. 

Pick Furniture and Furnishings 

Once you’ve created your outdoor space, it’s time to choose your garden furniture and soft furnishings. Think about the kind of atmosphere you want to create with these – are you going for an English country garden or a vibrant, tropical feel? Or perhaps something more laidback and beachy? Your entertaining area should fit in with the overall appearance and location of your garden. 

You’ll also need to consider practicality. Will your chosen garden furniture survive a wet or freezing winter? Can it be stored or does it come with covers? Soft furnishings will be easier to keep clean if they’re in washable fabrics. 

Add The Finishing Touches 

Don’t forget the finishing touches. These will elevate your entertaining area and make sure that you and your guests can kick back and relax. You might want to get a fire pit to keep everyone warm when the sun goes in and invest in some citronella candles to keep insects at bay. Other finishing touches like vases of flowers, cushions, outdoor rugs and bunting can really give your garden that homely vibe.  

You should also consider what will happen when guests need to enter your home, to use the bathroom, for example. Make sure entryways are clear, put down rugs to protect your flooring and try to maintain the same feel inside that you’ve created outside. Having soft pendant lights in the kitchen will draw your guests in the right direction without losing the ambient feeling they’ve gained from your outdoor entertaining area. 

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