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How To Choose The Perfect Bracelet

As your hand stretches out to greet someone, so does your bracelet. This is why you need to be super keen on the piece you choose to wear especially if first impressions matter to you.

When selecting the perfect bracelet, a few key factors to consider include size, suitability to skin type, durability and the occasion. All of these determine how good a jewelry will look on you and how long it lasts before wearing down.

We asked several personal grooming experts to share tips on choosing the right bracelet, and the following were the best answers we got.

Should fit snugly

A perfect bracelet should be able to move slightly, leaving enough space to fit 1-2 fingers between your wrist and the bracelet. It can be frustrating to keep pushing your bracelet up if it is bigger than your wrist.

To measure your wrist size, make sure the palm is facing upward with the fingers wide open to expand the hand and allow for extra space. Measure your wrist slightly below the wrist bone.

If you don’t have a tape measure, use a paper strip and mark with a pencil then check against a ruler to see the exact measurement.

Note: Your bracelet should complement your wrist size. If your wrists are slim, bulky bangles will look out of place.

Should not irritate your skin

If your wrist has an itch or a rash, chances are you will be allergic to nickel, a metal used in most jewelry. This reaction is known as contact dermatitis. While not contagious or life-threatening, this condition can be uncomfortable and cause unsightly marks.

Its symptoms resemble those of a reaction to the poison ivy plant and usually occur 12-48 hours after contact with the jewelry. Watch out for the following:

If you experience any of the above symptoms, we recommend that you substitute with surgical-grade stainless steel, pure sterling silver, gold or polycarbonate plastic bracelets. Clogau bracelets are a good place to start if you’re searching for high-quality jewelry that won’t leave you dealing with skin problems.

Should reflect your personality

Your personality will always influence your taste for jewelry even when you are not aware of it.  This is why we recommend going with your conscience when selecting a bracelet.

Are you a bold and outgoing person? You might be attracted to bold dazzling bracelets. You can even have them custom-made to your desire.

Introverts on the other hand usually choose small and slim silver or gold chains that don’t attract too much attention.

A down-to-earth person who loves nature will likely go for bracelets made of turquoise, sea glass or shells. The perfect bracelet for people in this category will also likely come with earthy tones such as brown, ocean blue, forest green and beige.

Since your personality also determines the kind of outfits you choose for yourself, make sure the bracelet you choose complements some of your outfits.

Should be durable

Durability means the bracelet should have the following qualities at the minimum:

Durability also means that if you want your bracelet reshaped or resized in the future, it can be done without a lot of hassle. Indeed, you will hardly come across cheap jewelry that’s also malleable.

Some metals like sterling silver, gold and stones like diamonds can last for centuries. If you buy a bracelet made from these materials, all you need to keep it for years is to clean it regularly and take appropriate care of it.

Should fit the occasion

Bracelets are worn for specific purposes. For example, you could wear yours for religious or cultural purposes.

If you are buying a bracelet for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, we recommend those made of gold or sterling silver. For everyday casual wear, you can choose a bright flashy bracelet that gives you a free-spirit vibe.

If buying as a gift for someone, only go for jewelry that suits the recipient’s personality. Also, consider whether they are allergic to any metal.

So, what does your perfect bracelet look like?

As we said, a bracelet is among the first pieces of jewelry that people see when they meet you, meaning they play a crucial role in giving off first impressions of you. The perfect bracelet should neither be too big nor too suffocating. It should complement your personality and fit the occasion you are attending. Most importantly, it should be durable.

Take into account all these factors while shopping for your next bracelet and we can guarantee that you’ll land yourself a masterpiece.

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