How To Apply Perfume

How To Apply Perfume: 10 Secrets to Make Your Scents Last 

Wednesday 01st Jun 2022 |

The layers and notes of every perfume are one of the most significant things to keep in mind (pardon the pun) when choosing your favorite fragrances. Every perfume constitutes three notes.  

Top notes are the first notes you feel, and they usually tend to fade after 20 minutes. The second is the intense middle notes, which are also widely recognized as the heart note. The second note is felt around after 15 minutes. The third is the base notes (the highest scent) that can last up to four to eight hours, depending on the strength of your fragrance.  

Scents can last anywhere from four to six hours (or even more), depending on the severity of the juice you’re spritzing. Also, how dry your skin is, and even the weather. 

Perfumes evaporate considerably faster on dry skin and in dry air. But what can you do if your fragrance is fading faster than you’d like, even in the dead of winter? After all, none of this is possible unless you follow any of the following recommendations: 

Get Yourself A Stronger Formula 

Pure parfum, Eau de parfum, and extrait are concentrated form compositions with a longer-lasting scent. Although they are more expensive, you will use significantly less of them. So it’s a win-win situation for you. 

Spritz Your Hairbrush 

Since your hair lasts longer than your skin, indulge in a hair mist or try our tried-and-true technique. Prevent spraying perfume straight on your hair at all costs, as the alcohol content will dry out your strands.  

Instead, spray your hairbrush with two or three sprays of your favorite affordable designer perfumes before brushing it through your hair. Doing so will evenly distribute the aroma and minimizes the harm caused by the alcohol in your perfume.[Text Wrapping Break] 

Make A DIY Scented Lotion 

To prepare your signature moisturizer, combine a few drops of your preferred perfume with some unscented lotion and stir well. You’ll essentially make the scented lotion equal to your favorite fragrance, but for a fraction of the price!  

It’s also ideal for applying before spritzing for lasting sweet love. 

Scented Décor Hack 

This extremely simple hack is one of our favorites, and it’s such an excellent way to add a soft smell to your garments. Use tissue paper to line your drawers and spray it with your favorite smell. It will make your clothes smell fantastic, and your signature perfume will be remembered wherever you go! 

Dab On Pulse Points 

When it comes to perfume applications, it’s important to hit all of the appropriate body locations. It’s crucial to choose warm, moist areas of the body, such as the insides of the elbows, the backs of your knees, the chest, and the sides of the neck. 

The perfume can be fully appreciated in certain regions. If you don’t, the top notes will fade too rapidly, leaving you with a heady perfume or one that smells stiff and lifeless. Nobody wants that! 

Don’t Rub Into Your Skin 

Never rub perfumes on your skin. The application of fragrance can be subtle. Fragrance should be left on the skin for a few minutes so that it may mingle with your natural oils. Top notes fade and disappear when wrists are brushed together. 


Because you’re rubbing away or drying out a lot of the perfume when you rub your fragrance, you’re missing out on the entire experience. 

Learn The Art Of Layering Scents 

Layering scents is a skill within itself. We can renew the aroma by layering it with a complementary scent that doesn’t overshadow it. Single note fragrances, such as powdered musk, are the greatest for rejuvenating our preferred smell. 


Mixing a strong perfume with another strong aroma is really too much and can cause headaches in you and those around you. If you like powerful scents but want something different, combine them with single-note woody or musky fragrances to add earthy undertones. 


We would avoid anything heavy and fruity because fruits can be overbearing or volatile depending on what they are mixed with. 

Spritz A Scarf 

Scent a scarf, and the warmth of your body will cause the aroma to bloom. Also, it’s a convenient method to test out a new smell you’re not sure about. Are you tired of it? Simply remove the scarf and try something different. 

Don’t Let Your Nose Fool You 

Note that the nose grows desensitized to the notes of your perfume and becomes accustomed to them rapidly. Although you might not be able to smell it after 30-40 minutes, your friends and colleagues might ask a friend whether they can smell it before dousing you again (tempting as it is!). 

The Less A Scent Lingers, The Lighter It Is 

Since lighter, aromatic scents (like citrus or jasmine) have smaller molecular and chemical compositions, they evaporate quickly. On the other hand, aromas like wood and musk remain longer on your skin. While looking for a new scent, consider that lighter, more flavorful scents will likely go through containers more quickly. 


Perfume tends to stick to the skin. Thus it lasts longer on persons with oilier complexions. The fragrance’s strength and the notes have an essential role in the science of perfumes. Deep, smoldering base notes – woods, tobacco, resins, leather, and so on – have a ‘heavier’ structure and fade more slowly. An Ambrée Eau de perfume will never stay as long as a citrus-fresh cologne! 

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