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How Private Aviation is Making Travel Easier

Tuesday 05th Jul 2022 |

Amid uncertainty in the travel sector, the start of the 2022 summer season has seen thousands of commercial flights cancelled – ruining what is the first holiday abroad for many Brits since the advent of Covid-induced restrictions in early 2020.

In turn, this turmoil has presented an opportunity for the private aviation industry to continue the strong growth experienced during the pandemic. TailHail – a private jet booking app – has seen its bookings increase by 55% this year, with over 100% increase in flight requests over the past two months.

Private aviation boasts incomparable benefits to commercial travel, seemingly driving the increase in demand. Travellers can simply hail a private flight to their nearest available airfield, to be ready within 24 hours, and share the cost with colleagues or friends before travelling in exquisite comfort. According to TailHail, group bookings for private aviation are in popular demand as it helps mitigate the cost of a private jet, reduces the risk of having a cancelled flight amidst the current travel chaos and creates an unforgettable experience. Serving as testament to this, TailHail have commissioned nationally representative research that found 25% of Brits are willing to share the cost private aviation with friends and family if it makes their destination experience more memorable. Whether it’s high cuisine with champagne or a variety of the ultimate comfort foods, the menu on board your private jet is designed to fulfill your every wish.

The service also helps to eradicate the fear of crowded airport terminals and the time required to spend in departure gates, with users able to arrive for their flight from just 30 minutes before take-off – TailHail’s research unveiled that 50% of Brits feel less inclined to travel on commercial airlines due to the health and safety concerns given the number of people in airports and on board flights. According to the Robb Report, private aviation is set to increase by a staggering 50% in 2022, while Argus predicts another record year for private flights as 2021 saw a 54% increase on 2020.

While the private aviation industry has long been restricted by the perception of exclusively catering to the A-List and the elite, the industry is opening up to a wider critical mass, and the appetite for Brits to travel privately remains insatiable. The new landmark study TailHail revealed that 43% of Brits’ bucket lists include flying on a private jet. Shedding a light on the aspirations of the nation’s most desired modes of transport, the research has further revealed that nearly 34% (6,603,000) of Brits explicitly state they would fly more frequently if they could arrive at the airport only 30 minutes before their flight.

James Moon, Chief Aviation Officer at TailHail  Comments on the increase in group bookings the app has seen in the past month:

“For those who are willing to spend a little more to avoid long queues and uncertainty – but not by paying the ridiculously unaffordable cost of a traditional private jet charter – there is an alternative out there.

“We are seeing ordinary people who would never have charted a private jet teaming up with friends, relatives and neighbours to bring the price down and ensure they not only catch their flight but have the holiday they want.”


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