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How much do stairlifts cost in the UK


However, one of the significant dilemmas the patient faces is the amount of money the stairlifts will cost them?

To get an idea about the pricing of the stairlift, it is advised to the user that they consult companies in the stairlift business.

Alternatively, they can get advice on the stairlift from the operational therapist they are consulting for their treatment.  If you wish to buy a stairlift, you can go to company showrooms where the different models of the stairlift are available.  Moreover, you can also go to the nearest equipment demonstration centre where you can get a trial of a stairlift and then make a buying decision. To get better feedback about the pros and cons of the stairlift, you can consult the people who own a stairlift.

Prices of a Stairlift

Stairlifts are expensive items, but their installation and buying price have been stable for several years. According to a survey, the average price of the stairlift is around 3,284 Pounds. It is found out that a simple straight stair lift can cost you around 2,000 pounds while the prices of a curved or extremely long stairlift can go up to 7,000 Pounds.

The price of the stairlift depends on the number of corners it has. Suppose you have two straight stairlifts with a landing area in between. The stairlift price will be less compared to the stairlift having a curved area in between. Another parameter for the price of a stairlift depends on the manufacturer of the stairlift. If the manufacturer is fairly new in the stairlift business, then the lift price will be less.

Quotation for a stairlift

A stairlift is equipment that doesn’t have a fixed price. The price of the stairlift depends on different factors. Hence, a surveyor will visit your property and conduct a feasibility study. Once the study is concluded, the surveyor will provide you with a price. The surveyor, during his survey, will take a note of the stairlift you want, the area available for fixing the stairlift, etc.

During the study process, it is a great opportunity for you to get information on the various models which the company provides. Moreover, after getting a quote from one company, it is advised that you take quotes for the stairlift from 2 to 3 manufacturers. Because getting quotes from different manufacturers will help you in determining the services they are providing to you and the price offered by other brands. Thus getting quotes from different manufacturers will help you in making an appropriate decision.

Moreover, during the feasibility study of the stairlift with UK Mobility Stairlifts, it will be great if the occupational therapist is present because the presence of an occupational therapist will make sure that the stairlift you plan to buy addresses your purpose. Thus an occupational therapist will be in a better state to judge your buying decision.

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