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How Bike Racks Make Your Workplace More Accessible 

Wednesday 23rd Mar 2022 |

As we begin to venture into a post-pandemic world and people start to trickle back into the office, we’ll end up being faced with the same old parking space problems.

These can cause delays and even tension between employees, especially if there isn’t enough space for everyone. An easy way to make your office more accessible is to install bike racks. You don’t have to spend thousands on expanding your current parking as bike racks only take up minimal space but can do wonders for your employee’s daily commute. Keep reading to find out more… 

Beat The Return To Office Blues 

During the pandemic, a lot of people went on a health kick and invested in bicycles to get around. Now faced with the task of returning to the office, they may not want to give up their newfound passion for cycling. The thought of returning to a stuffy car and queues of traffic can be off-putting, so if you want to encourage employees back into the office, make sure you invest in plenty of bike space.   

Less Need For Parking 

Commuting to the office can cause frustration as traffic jams and car trouble can be a common occurrence. Then on top of that, employees need to battle it out for parking each day and it can set their day off on the wrong foot completely. However, if you install bike racks, not only are you providing space for cyclists, but you’re also freeing up more parking spaces which eliminates stress from their daily commute.  

More Employees Can Cycle 

Some employees may want to cycle to work but don’t have anywhere secure to leave it during the day, and with bike theft on the rise, it’s no wonder people opt for their cars instead. But if you install a safe place for them to lock up their bikes, they might feel more inclined to do so. Adding bike racks can also enable employees who might not be able to commute in other ways to still come into the office. For example, if an employee lived a couple of miles away, didn’t own a car, and didn’t have access to direct public transport, they would be stuck working from home. However, if they have the option to cycle to work and safely store their bike, they might be more likely to attend. This allows you to create an accessible working environment for everyone.  

Accommodates The Needs Of Everyone   

By fitting bike racks, employees are able to keep their bikes safe, but also out of the way. If there isn’t a proper space for them to park their bikes, they could unintentionally become a trip hazard. If left in front of doorways or other entrances they could also restrict access to wheelchair users. For instance, an employee in a wheelchair may need to press the button to open the doors automatically, and if a bike is left in the way this could prevent the doors from opening, or not give the employee enough space to get through. Even though the cyclist employee may not have realised it, they could inadvertently cause problems.  

Installing bike racks in the workplace can do more than just provide a parking place for cyclists. They can also benefit people who drive to work and employees who may use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Creating an accessible workplace for all employees should be one of your top priorities and something as simple as bike racks can push you in the right direction.  

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