How Alcohol Affects The Body

How Alcohol Affects The Body

Tuesday 12th Apr 2022 |

While there is nothing wrong with having a few glasses of wine a week – in fact, some studies suggest that this might be good for you. It is important to monitor your alcohol intake and be aware of how it can affect your body in both the short and the long term. 

Today, we are going to talk about 6 different effects drinking can have on your body. 

#1 -Your Sugar Levels 

Alcohol is made of ethanol – which is a sugar. Many people do not realize this. 

Alcohol is high in calories and in sugar – it can affect both our energy and our sugar levels. 

When you drink alcohol you will get a short-term boost of energy as your body burns through the sugar, but you will be left feeling more tired than before. It will also make your body feel full but it does not provide the nutrients that food does. 

Those who have issues with their pancreas or insulin levels should avoid alcohol unless they have been given the go-ahead by their doctor. 

#2 – Your Central Nervous System (CNS) 

Your CNS is responsible for the majority of your bodily functions. Many of the side effects of drinking come from the effect that it has on the CNS – memory loss, depression, and slurred speech to name a few. 

In the long term, alcohol can affect your brain’s ability to produce serotonin and dopamine. Which can lead to depression and anxiety – you can visit AspenRidge Recovery Centers to learn more about this. 

Drinking also slows your reaction speed – this makes it dangerous to drive or take part in anything risky like sports, operating machinery, and even walking on the road. 

#3 – Your Reproductive Health 

In the next section, we will talk about how drinking alcohol affects your ability to make rational decisions – which can often lead to unwanted reproductive consequences. But that is not the only effect it can have on your reproductive health. 

Excessive drinking can prevent men from being able to maintain an erection and can even lower their sperm count. 

In both men and women, it prevents the production of sex hormones and will drastically lower libido. Drinking can also prevent people from being able to orgasm. In both men and women, alcohol abuse can lead to infertility. 

In women, excessive alcohol consumption can partially or completely stop the menstrual cycle. 

#4 – Your Short Term Decision Making 

Your CNS is also responsible for your ability to make rational decisions. When we drink it is heavily impaired. 

Many people mistake this for a boost in confidence, it is, however, a numbing of our ability to think clearly and rationally. 

This can lead to many mistakes and dangerous decisions being made while we are drinking. You may find yourself more tempted to take risks – like having unprotected sex with a stranger or driving at high speeds. 

If you are going to drink you should try to make sure you don’t allow yourself to get into dangerous situations that could lead to you or someone else getting hurt or even killed. 

#5 – Your Immune System 

Excessively drinking can temporarily and permanently weaken your immune system. 

In the short term, drinking can make you more vulnerable to throat infections and the flu. If you already have an issue with your immune system then regularly drinking can be very dangerous. 

Long-term drinking habits can increase your risk of developing mouth, throat, breast, esophagus, colon, or liver cancer. You are also more likely to develop pneumonia or tuberculosis. 

#6 – You Can Become Dependent 

One of the major problems of alcohol abuse is that it leads to dependence on drinking. 

The more you drink the less you will notice its effects, and you will end up having to drink much more to feel what you had previously felt. 

Alcohol dependence is made more of an issue when you take into consideration the dangers of alcohol withdrawal and other side effects of addiction. 

A dependence on alcohol starts by affecting your own body, but soon it will spiral out into the rest of your life. It will affect your performance at work, your finances, and even your relationships with your loved ones. 

The effects of alcohol are not limited to the 6 issues above. While there can be a few short-term benefits to infrequent alcohol consumption, there is no reason to binge on or abuse alcohol. Both of which can cause a lot of long-term problems. 

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