Hot Skin Problems – We Got You Girl!

Wednesday 13th Jul 2022 |

Hot Skin problems 1 : Skin flare ups

“Those tiny, itchy bumps that can form on the skin after being in the heat are tell-tale signs of heat rash which are caused by blocked sweat glands,” says Dr Lauren.

Fortunately, unlike some summer skin conditions, they’re nothing to worry about and can be relieved with hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera, plus a cool shower. Where extra care is needed however is if you’re someone who suffers from skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema as these can flare up in the heat,” Dr Miriam continues. “My advice is to stay out of the sun where possible, especially around midday when it’s at its strongest and always make sure you keep your SPF topped up.”

Protection is key when it comes to keeping happy and healthy in the sun. Wild Science Lab Bright Start SPF is an all-in-one, high potency stabilised Vitamin C + SPF 30 that provides protection against both UVA and UVB and protects against environmental and UV-induced free radical damage.


Hot Skin problems 2 : Heat induced breakouts

The heat and humidity are only half the problem when it comes to summer. Sunscreen mixed with sweat combined with heat plus sand, salt water, excess booze and air con, and no wonder your skin’s playing up and breaking out. Dr Lauren’s advice for stopping the spots? “Chose your skincare products carefully; in the summer, sweat and SPF can cause irritation to skin. People tend to suffer from acne in the summer because the hot weather means that we sweat more which in turns means that more oil accumulates on the skin. This then acts to block pores, fuels bacteria and ultimately result in spots. SPF is obviously non-negotiable but try to choose one that’s oil free.

The dreaded ‘Bacne’, or breakouts across other areas of the body such as the chest and upper arms can also be exacerbated by the heat. To avoid this, Dr Lauren says it’s actually very simple. “Use a product that contains a BHA such as benzoic or salicylic acid which removes all of the dead skin cells and debris to unclog pores and stop spots from forming.”

Dirty Faace cleanser contains BHA benzoic acid to rebalance the pH levels of skin along with natural AHAs to provide gentle exfoliation and kickstart the complexion while Dull Faace cleanser / mask combo contains citric acid to provide gentle exfoliation and Kaolin clay which helps to combat oiliness and heat induced acne. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin moisturised which avocado and safflower seeds soften and nourish – the perfect solution for congested summer skin.


Hot Skin problems 3 : Post- sun sensitivity

‘Anti-inflammatory products are your best friend here,’ says Dr Miriam. ‘Exposure to UV radiation will release chemical messengers which cause blood vessels to enlarge so skin may feel swollen and appear red so if your skin is sensitive after sun exposure, look for soothing products such as aloe vera to calm skin. Vitamin C is also a wonder ingredient here – as well as being an antioxidant, it’s also been shown to prevent the redness caused by the sun and what’s more, it helps to revitalise sun damaged skin and fight off fine lines.”

Managing skin balance is a daily challenge especially when taking the endless onslaught of sun, SPF and heat can lead to breakouts and signs of dehydration into account. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, Wild Science Lab’s Juice Boost Brightening Serum contains Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid recharge skin tone, vitality and radiance whatever the weather.

Dr Lauren Hamilton and Dr Miriam Adebibe are cosmetic doctors and co-founder of Shoreditch based skin clinic, Victor & Garth. 

Dirty Faace is £27 / 100ml and Dull Faace is £26 / 100ml. Both are available from Wild Science Lab Juice Boost Brightening Serum is £38 / 50ml. Wild Science Lab Bright Start SPF is £39. Both are available from

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