Home Safety And Security Tips

Home Safety And Security Tips For Anyone Who Lives Alone  

Wednesday 01st Dec 2021 |

Living alone can be a great solution for many adults, particularly those who are introverts or are getting over a challenging situation, such as a bad break-up.  

However, living alone also comes with some disadvantages, including being a potential target for burglars and criminals.  

As a result, anyone living alone needs to be vigilant about home safety and security. Here are some practical home security tips for anyone who lives alone.  

Home Safety And Security Tips – Keep Your Keys Safe 

If your keys are stolen, then a criminal can use them to enter your home at will and steal anything they want. Also, if your keys are lost, and they have your address on them, then they could be used by an opportunist thief. So, you should make sure that you don’t put your address on your keys; while someone might return them to you, they might also take them or make an impression to use them later. Make sure that you keep your keys safe when you’re out and about, and try not to put them into your pocket or a large, open handbag, where they can easily fall out.  

Home Safety And Security Tips – Have The Number For A Local Locksmith Handy  

Mistakes happen, and no matter how careful you are, you might find that your house keys get lost or stolen at some point. If you’re concerned that you’ve misplaced your keys, then you should immediately contact a local locksmith and ask them to change the locks to your home. That means you need to have the number for a local locksmith close to hand, preferably in your phone. For example, if you live in or near Chelmsford, then you can reach out to serviches such as Adlocks Locksmiths who are DBS checked which is something you should always look out for. If you suddenly need a reliable locksmith, you can ensure that you quickly get the help you need.  

Home Safety And Security Tips – Make It Look Like Someone Is Home At All Times 

Breaking into a property is much easier for criminals if the house is empty, so properties with no one home are often a target for criminals. While you can’t stay in your home all the time, you can make it look as if someone is at home by leaving on lights or by keeping a radio or TV on at a low volume. These tricks can help you to make it appear that your property is occupied, even when you’re away. If you plan on going on an extended break, then you could ask a friend or family member to housesit for you, so that your home is actually occupied. This will make your home safer than if you left it unoccupied.  

Home Safety And Security Tips – Use Smart Technology To Improve Your Home Security  

Many of these tips are timeless classics, but there are some modern solutions that you can also incorporate to improve your safety at home. One ideal solution is to use smart home security systems, such as smart doorbells, small home cameras and other tools. Explore the best smart home security solutions to find the best ones that will suit your lifestyle and ensure that your home feels safe at all times.  


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