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Healthy Skin: Five Handy Tips We Love

Sunday 20th Mar 2022 |

Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ?  Healthy skin can protect you from ultraviolet rays, bacteria and regulate your body’s fluids. Yet, when compromised, its ability to work as a barrier is damaged.  

If you want to learn ways to improve your skincare, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to find how to keep your skin healthy.  

Include Skin-Healthy Foods in Your Diet

While multiple anti-aging products can help you look better, it’s undeniable that they only go skin deep. So, the most effective way to keep your skin youthful is to treat it at a deeper level.  

Sure, your diet and the products you put on your skin are equally important. But what you eat has the power to improve your skin from the inside out. So, if you want a clear complexion, you have to adopt a healthy diet.  

Mangoes, tomatoes, olive oil, kale, soy, and green tea can benefit your skin. So, add these foods to your diet.  

Quit Smoking

Smoking ages your skin (in the face and other body areas). Why? Because it leads to a reduction in the blood flow, exhausting the skin of oxygen and nutrients needed to remain healthy.  

Elastin and collagen give the skin elasticity and strength. Smoking reduces collagen production and its breakdown. So, it may lead to a reduction in the skin’s natural elasticity.  

Also, the repetitive expressions that occur when smoking (e.g., pursing the lips) might lead to facial wrinkles.  

In conclusion, if you’re a smoker, you have to quit to get healthy skin.  

Manage Stress

Research has identified links between skin problems and stress. Uncontrolled stress might trigger acne breakouts and make your skin more sensitive.  

For a healthier state of mind and better skin, it might be worth finding ways to keep stress in check. Scale back your to-do list, get enough sleep, make time for your hobbies and set reasonable limits. The results will surprise you.  

Create a Skincare Routine

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting home from work and having a self-care moment. Plus, you don’t need to have a 10-step regimen with multiple skincare products to improve your skin. So, there are no excuses.  

First, if you wear makeup, remove it and cleanse your skin. Then, apply retinol or an exfoliating product (according to what works best for you) or moisturize. Try to avoid makeup remover wipes, as they tend to have way too many chemicals.  

If you want to try an advanced approach to your health and beauty, check out You’ll find what you need there. 

Protect Yourself From The Sun

You have to protect your skin from the sun. Constant sun exposure can lead to age spots, skin cancer, and wrinkles.  

So, do the basics for complete sun protection. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (reapply it every two hours). 

Also, seek shade during 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and wear protective clothing (wide-brimmed hats, sleeved shirts, and long pants). 

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy 

Now that you know how to keep your skin healthy, get ready to follow a skincare routine suitable for your needs. It will be beneficial: you’ll have a relaxing, fun, and self-care moment, all rolled into one. 

So, take some time for yourself. You’ll see the effects both in the short and long term.  

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