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Hair Syrup: The viral hair care products that actually work! 

Sunday 03rd Jul 2022 |


Hair Syrup is the brand that’s here to make all of your hair care dreams a reality. Yes, really.

Their Insta and TikTok famous hair ‘syrups’ have gone viral countless times, and for good reason.

These innovative hair oils have been formulated to solve all of your hair care woes, from stubborn dandruff to dry and damaged ends.

Plus, the products are super easy to use! Each syrup has been designed to be used as a pre-wash treatment. You should apply the oil to dry hair and work from your ends to your roots. Leave on for at least one hour and then wash off with your usual shampoo and follow with conditioner.

So, are you keen to learn more about Hair Syrup? We don’t blame you!

Today, we’re going to take you through a full run-down of all of their incredible products. Get ready for some serious hair-spiration!

The One That’s… Perfect For Everyone!

The Original Syrup, Suitable For: All Hair Types

RRP: £13.99


Say hello to The Original Syrup!

It’ll probably come as no surprise, but The Original was actually the very first product created by Hair Syrup.

After trying countless oils and conditioners, brand Founder, Lucie, decided to formulate her own. And, ta-dah, The Original Hair Syrup was born!

Perfect for literally everyone, The Original syrup includes sweet almond and apricot oils, which work to nourish your hair from the inside out. A cult fave!

The One That’ll… Heal Your Sensitive Scalp!

Mint Condition Syrup, Suitable For: Dry, Itchy, Sensitive Scalps

RRP: £13.99


Scalp feeling dry and itchy?

Sick of flakes fluttering on your clothes?

We feel you! Having a dry and sensitive scalp can be truly frustrating. But the Mint Condition Syrup is about to be your new BFF.

This beautiful formula includes avocado, arnica and grapeseed oils which work to moisturise your scalp and leave each strand of hair utterly glossy.

The syrup also includes tea tree and peppermint oils, which are natural antioxidants that help heal your scalp, remove impurities and calm the skin.


The One That’s… AMAZING For Hair Growth 

Rapunzel Syrup, Suitable For: All Hair Types

RRP: £13.99

Hair 4.PNG

Drumroll please for the Rapunzel Hair Syrup!

Infused with delicious ingredients such as pink grapefruit oil and flaxseed, this syrup will energize your hair from root to tip to encourage growth.

For the very best results, you should massage this syrup into your scalp and work through to the ends. The massage will stimulate blood flow, which in turn, promotes growth.

The One That’ll… Banish Greasy Hair! 

Lemon-aid, Suitable For: Oily, Limp Hair 

RRP: £13.99

Hair 3.PNG

Insanely invigorating, this lemon-powered treatment is perfect for anyone who suffers from greasy hair!

Packed with lemon oil, this syrup gently exfoliates the scalp and cleanses your hair from excess sebum.

As lemon oil is a natural antiseptic, continued use of this syrup will work to rebalance natural oil levels, which means you can leave your hair longer between washes!

The One That’ll… Hydrate Dry Hair! 

Watermelon Milk, Suitable For: Very Dry, Damaged Hair

RRP: £13.99

Hair 1.PNG

Calling all of you babes with dry, over-processed locks!

Watermelon Milk is truly what dreams are made of.

Bursting with intensely nourishing ingredients, like vitamin E, cherry and argon oil, Watermelon Milk will give dry and damaged hair the real drink it needs.

This deep conditioning treatment is the only product your dry hair will need, trust us.

The One That’s… Basically Magic! 

Grows-Mary, Suitable For: All Hair Types 

RRP: £15.50 


The Grows-Mary oil is the newest member of the Hair Syrup family … and we’re actually in love.

The all-new syrup has been designed for hair that needs serious growth, like, stat.

Grows-Mary is formulated with rosemary essential oil, which has been used for centuries to heal thin, falling hair and to encourage rapid growth.

Grows-Mary has already been insanely popular with customers and sells out within literal minutes of restocking.

Want to try it out? You’ll have to act fast!

The One That’ll… Strengthen Each Strand!

Vitamin C Me, Suitable For: Brittle, Damaged Hair

RRP: £13.99

Hair 2.PNG

Feel like your hair snaps off every time you brush or style it?

Then it’s likely you’re in need of a vit hit!

Vitamin C Me is supercharged with sweet orange oil, papaya and macadamia which blend together to enrich your locks with all the good stuff.

Luscious locks, for daaays.

The One That’ll… Transform Dry, Coarse Hair 

Buttercream, Suitable for: Extremely Dry, Coarse Hair 

RRP: £13.99


And last but certainly not least, we have Buttercream. This luxuriously thick, whipped hair butter has been formulated for extremely dry, thick and curly hair types.

Bursting with shea, mango and cocoa butter, this beauty will inject some serious life back into your lengths.

Like the syrups, Buttercream can be used as a pre-wash treatment, or as a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair feeling incredibly hydrated all week long.

Not entirely sure which syrup is for you? No worries!

Hair Syrup has its own quiz on the site, which can help you find the perfect match for your hair.

You can take the quiz and learn more about the brand, here:

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