Clean Girl Aesthetic

Get The Clean Girl Aesthetic!

Sunday 24th Jul 2022 |

Clean Girl Aesthetic is essentially a minimalist make-up look that aims to make you look like you’re barely wearing make-up at all.

A barely-there, natural look, if you will. And we’re giving you the lowdown on how to achieve the cool, calm and collected Clean Girl Aesthetic.

Clean Girl Aesthetic – PERFECT YOUR PREP


Every make-up look requires sublime skin prep, and the Clean Girl Aesthetic look is no exception to this!

 Clean Girl Aesthetic

Start with the SBC Skincare Vitamin C Super Boost Serum (300ml for £32.00 at for a radiant glow. This lightweight and hydrating Vitamin C Serum helps to brighten your complexion, reduce hyper-pigmentation and smooth the skin. Suitable for all skin types, this serum works to visibly brighten the tone of your skin, whilst targeting signs of ageing.

Follow with Embryolisse’s Hydra-Crème Light(40ml for £18.00 at Beauty Bay, ASOS and Look Fantastic) for a moisture boost. Weightless yet rich, this moisturiser is quickly absorbed by the skin, delivering almost instant hydration deep into the pores. Thanks to its consistency, it hydrates the skin without feeling heavy or leaving an oily residue. Supercharged with antioxidant power, the lotion shields the skin from harmful environmental aggressors, such as UV rays and pollution, which can damage and dry out skin.

Clean Girl Aesthetic – BEST BROWS


Brows play a big part in shaping your face, so they really can make or break your look!

Pluck to perfection with the Rubis Classic Tweezers, (£25.30 at Amazon). Rust and corrosion resistant, these tweezers have a non-slip grip, and the slanted tips provide the utmost accuracy for brow shaping and hair removal. They are designed by experts, and aim to provide comfortable use without compromising on their effectiveness.

Clean Girl Aesthetic – CLEAN GIRL COVERAGE


The pinnacle of the Clean Girl Aesthetic is the minimalist coverage, embracing your natural skin and enhancing it, as opposed to covering it up.

.     Clean Girl Aesthetic

Opt for the Embryolisse Liquid Foundation SPF20 (30ml for £26.00 at Look Fantastic) for a comfortable, lightweight coverage. This foundation avoids the risk of sinking into pores and fine lines, instead leaving a flawless-looking aesthetic. Deeply-hydrating, the foundation helps to lock in moisture for long-lasting softness, minimising the appearance of dry skin. Complete with an airy texture and a light-coverage finish, the foundation allows you to build and layer to suit the needs of your skin.

Get your glow on with OPV Beauty’s Liquid Illuminator (20ml for £35.00 at, which is available in 6 shades. This can be used alone, mixed in with your chosen moisturiser or foundation, or on top of powder. It adds a stunning shimmer to the skin, so much so that you’ll feel like the star of the show, with the spotlight on you!


Clean Girl Aesthetic – HEALTHY HYDRATION

Having plump, hydrated skin is a key segment of the Clean Girl Aesthetic, so applying hydrating mists after make-up and throughout the day can keep your skin good to glow!

Clean Girl Aesthetic

Finish up by adding a boost of hydration and glow to your look with The Jojoba Company’s Jojoba Water Toning Mist (50ml for £13.95 at Enriched with Pure Jojoba Leaf Extract and Vitamin C, this toning mist not only provides extended skin hydration and firmness, but it also protects the skin against environmental aggressors.

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