Four Signs you need to Upgrade your iPhone 

Wednesday 13th Apr 2022 |

The smartphone is a piece of kit that – like it or not – has transformed the way that most of us live our lives. It’s made entirely new kinds of work and leisure possible, and for many of us, it’s the first thing that we look at every morning and the last thing we look at every night. 

The iPhone sits at the pinnacle of the industry, setting the benchmark against which all other handsets are judged. It benefits from extremely high manufacturing standards. But no iPhone can last forever – and it might be that yours is in need of an upgrade.  

If you’re environmentally conscious, you might hesitate before imposing the burden of an old iPhone into a landfill. And making a new lithium-ion battery has a fairly sizeable carbon footprint. So, what are the key indicators that make it clear that you should be switching? 

Low Storage Space 

If you’ve had your phone for several years, then you might find that you’re constantly running low on storage space. Smartphone applications are getting larger every year, and if you don’t keep pace with storage costs, you’ll find yourself running into a slowdown and other issues. Since iPhone storage can’t practically be replaced, your only option is to invest in something new. 

You can’t update 

Apple doesn’t support its phones indefinitely. As soon as your phone stops receiving updates, you’ll be vulnerable to malware and other problems. Make an upgrade, or you may find that you lose out in the long term.  

Ideally, you’ll replace your phone before it gets to this stage. This way, your old phone will still retain a little bit of its value. You can sell your iPhone easily to online vendors – just make sure that you’ve properly wiped all of the data remaining in it. 

Battery drains 

Lithium-ion batteries don’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll find that your battery loses its ability to hold a charge. This will happen sooner if you allow your phone to become fully depleted. Make a habit of charging it whenever you get the opportunity. At some point, however, it’s going to fail – and again, batteries are among the more difficult things to replace. 

Sudden damage 

You might have the end of your phone’s lifespan suddenly and unexpectedly thrust upon you. If your phone should fall out of your pocket onto a concrete or tiled floor, and the screen should smash into smithereens, then you might be faced with a fairly sizeable repair bill. You might get this fixed relatively inexpensively – but your warranty might depend on you going through Apple’s process for repairs. Given that this can be very expensive, your best bet may well be to upgrade.  

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