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The Food Processor: What Can It Do For You

Saturday 23rd Apr 2022 |

If you’ve been enjoying your food processor for decades, you know exactly how it can be very limiting to work in a kitchen without one.

If you’re new to the world of food processors and want to know how to maximize its use, check out these options and never look back to prepping food or cooking sans a food processor ever again. 

  • Cut fruits and vegetables uniformly. 

I’m guilty of cutting vegetables depending on my mood, so if I’m feeling good about my cooking skills, you’d see the vegetables cut as professionally as possible. If I’m feeling lazy, you can see it too! 

With a food processor, you can cut fruits and vegetables always uniformly, no matter how much or how little food you need to prep. 

  • Slice stinky garlic and onion hands-free.

Garlic lovers know the funky smell it leaves on the fingers after cutting a ton of garlic for sauces, garlic bread, and other recipes. 

If you love savory food, these recipes usually begin with either garlic or onions. With a food processor, you can slice and dice as many garlic and onion as you need (you can even make homemade chili garlic paste) and still leave the kitchen not smelling garlicky. 

  • Mincemeat to the point of turning it into ground meat.

Food processors technically do not have the capability to grind ingredients. However, it is able to mince all kinds of meat, so you can enjoy your own sausage and burger patty recipes, get fancy with stuffed chicken, or make your favorite meatloaf or meatball recipes. 

  • Puree ingredients for baby food, soups, and sauces. 

Food processors make it easy to puree all kinds of ingredients from your go-to mashed potato recipe to any homemade baby food you’d like to try and give to your baby. You can puree most fruits, veggies, and even meats as a good way to introduce your baby to solid food.

With a food processor, you can now make:

  • All kinds of pasta sauce from scratch
  • Soups with any veggie like onion, celery, carrot, and cabbage.
  • Unlimited smooth and creamy hummus from fresh chickpeas
  • Classic pesto (or experiment with your own recipe)
  • Slice cured meat to perfection.

If you love preparing charcuterie and cheese boards for your friends as you hang out with wine and binge your favorite TV show or catch-up for hours, your food processor can be your best friend since cutting bacon, ham, salami, sausage, and other meat of choice for your charcuterie would be super-easy and authentic to its classic repertoire. 

  • Knead dough professionally.

Whether you’re new to breadmaking or you want an easier way of kneading dough, the food processor can take over this step for you, so you can just watch as the dough gets ready for shaping/baking. 

Once the machine is done, you just need to knead the dough by hand for a few seconds and let it rise one last time before baking. 

If you love making pies, but hate how cold butter is very hard to mix into flour by hand, dropping cubes of butter into the food processor could save you from this messy technique. You’d still be able to make crisp pie crust this way, it’s just easier for the butter to be mixed into your choice of flour. 

  • Make unlimited homemade ice cream.

For households with ice cream lovers, a food processor could do double-duty and make unlimited ice cream with your favorite fruits, chocolates, nuggets, and other yummy add-ons. 

There’s no special trick to using food processors as an ice cream maker: they just mix the ingredients without fuss and are easy on the user’s arm.

  • Prepare homemade processed meat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a burger fan or sausage fan, but with a food processor, making these processed meats at home will be a whole lot easier. Any recipe can go on the next level because you’ll be able to mix herbs, spices, and every ingredient you want to add more thoroughly, which will definitely affect how they would taste once you cook them.

  • Do make-ahead recipes easily.

If you’ve got a busy calendar or have two or more young kids, one of the easiest ways to ensure you still get to enjoy healthy food is to make them ahead. Food processors can help with this in so many ways, especially if you’re planning to cook your meals for the weekdays every weekend. 

  • Save money by making your own flours, health bars, condiments, and other ingredients that you’ve been buying from the store for as long as you can remember.

Food processors allow you to make many products from scratch. These include mayonnaise, cauliflower rice, almond flour, breadcrumbs, peanut/almond nut butter, store-bought salsa, chip dips, hummus, salad dressings, and other food that you’re used to buying at the supermarket. 

Have you been using yours like these? The food processor can be your best tool in the kitchen if you maximize its potential.

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