Fashionable Watches: Top Trends for 2022

Monday 06th Jun 2022 |

The first wristwatch came onto the scene in 1504 in Nuremberg, Germany. Since then, watches have been both a fashion and a functional accessory.

You can find many men’s watches on the market, from high-end designer brands to watches from small, independent stores. If you’re shopping for a new watch, you want to find something that keeps up with the current styles.

Stay on top of the trends with our list of the best fashionable watches of 2022.


Watches full of technology stay at the top of the trend list for 2022. These smartwatches can help with your fitness while you tell the time.

Smartwatches don’t have to look like they are out of the future. You can find these types of fashionable men’s watches in designs with hardy bands. Feel like a modern-day adventurer with watches that have advanced navigation and other outdoor tools!

Minimal Design

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. This year, choose watches with a clean watch face and simplistic dials.

A minimal style watch transitions seamlessly from day to night. You’ll look sleek and sophisticated if you choose this fashionable watch style.

Retro Watches

Old fashioned watches are still in style in 2022. This popular trend brings nostalgia back with leather bands and large faces. Vintage-style watches convey a charm to your style that no other watch can.

If you want to steep your wrist in history, wear an actual vintage watch. Companies like the Watches of Wales have collections of vintage timepieces, so you can find the perfect one for you.

Bold Color

A prominent trend that has taken 2022 by storm has been colorful watch faces. Step out of your comfort zone by choosing a watch in a bold and unexpected color.

Dip your toe into this style by going for a watch face in a jewel tone. Are you feeling brave? If so, try a watch with a band in a bright shade.

Go Small

In the past, the most trendy watches featured oversized watch faces. Move away from this by getting yourself a more understated watch.

Small watch faces aren’t only for women. Men are jumping on this trend and choosing this classy new style.

Unusual Shapes

Step out of your comfort zone this year by getting a watch that isn’t round. A timepiece with an unusual shape will stand out, so lean into this bold design.


The finish of the watch casing can add an unexpected flair to your outfit. One timeless choice that is rising in popularity is the titanium watch band.

This type of casing matches anything and exudes confidence. More watchmakers than ever are introducing this metal into their modern watch design.

Update Your Style With One of These Fashionable Watches

A watch is a perfect accessory because you can functionally elevate your style. Any of these fashionable watches will have you looking your best.

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